Animal testing: right or wrong?

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Animal testing is a controversial act that many companies do. The name is pretty self-explanatory: companies test their products on live animals which causes them pain, distress, suffering, and further on. Makeup brands are mostly the corporations doing this. Some of them being Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, and NARS.


Matthew Garcia, 13, AJCMS student, said, “I mean if it’s not cruel then it’s okay. If you’re hurting them then no, companies shouldn’t do it.”


Ezequiel Banda, 13, states, “It’s not okay to do it on animals, animals are our friends and they have a life too. It’s not different from animal cruelty, but you actually get arrested from that.”

This is a good point because animal testing is basically a form of animal cruelty. They are using animals as their guinea pigs and hurting them. All to make sure that the “products are safe” which doesn’t always turn out to be 100% accurate.


“No I don’t think it’s right because its cruel. Because they’re hurting animals.” states, 37, Georgina Gonzalez.


Also, Matthew Garcia, 13, AJCMS student,  said,“I mean if it’s not cruel then it’s okay. If you’re hurting them then no, companies shouldn’t do it.” Many people can agree that this is cruel.  


Sheri Nguyen, 13, states, “I think it’s cruel to test human products on innocent animals. They can have really bad reaction and that’s the point of it obviously, but it’s also so morally wrong. Many small companies don’t test on animals and they’re fine with their products and function so there’s really no excuse for bigger companies.”


Animals, such as mice, rats, dogs, rabbits, and so many more, who 

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are sadly captured for this, experience deprivation, isolation, and misery. They don’t get to choose how they want to live, they are just trapped in a cage until taken out. Animals get tumors, diseases, deformities, blinded, and cut open.


They are basically tortured. They are burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, drowning, addicted to drugs, and brain damaged and all for what? For some foolish product?


In some places animal testing is banned, such as in European Union, India, Israel, and Norway. Recently, they banned it in New Zealand, too. As well as Canada and Taiwan, they haven’t banned it yet, but they’re planning to. Meaning that in the United States, it is not banned, unfortunately.


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