Culmination Expectations

Eighth graders are about to culminate and are moving towards high school.

For parents, culmination is important because they are proud of their sons and daughters for their accomplishments.  The eighth grade culmination isn’t like any other event at Animo Jefferson because it happens once a year.

Culmination at AJCMS has many different steps from beginning to end. You aren’t just going to walk the stage and leave.

Ilse Gonzalez, the 8th grade coordinator said, “During graduation what we do is we pick a student to sing…then we have students who play instruments.’’  Students have flash cards and read out who they want to give thanks to for helping them in their life.

Laila Velazquez, the student council president, isn’t only going to graduate.  She also is going to help out in the ceremony. For example, ”My  job is to separate [guide] the kids from walking left to right to where they are sitting.” “…. I have soccer, SRLA, student council, and school, which is hard to keep up but I manage.’’

“I am nervous and excited it’s a next step in our journey and how life goes,” said Laila. 

Valerie Chavez  another student at Animo Jefferson said,”I’m excited to graduate and also kind of nervous because we are going to high school were there are a lot of grown people”.

 Jacqueline Alamilla, a student council teacher, said,“ I feel sad [for the eighth graders leaving] because I have taught a lot of you guys since six grade and I got attached…” She is going to miss their presence at the school because she has known the eighth graders for a long time.

She might not be helping a lot with the culmination but she is going there to see all her students graduate.

At the end of the day, everybody is going to miss all their friends and all the fun times they had over the year.