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Pedro Guevara and Alondra Garcia

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    God of War is a game that was released on April 20,2018 for PS4.The creators were the Santa Monica Studio .The Lost Pages of Norse Myth is the theme of the game.

Edgar Tejada, age 14,a student at AJCMS, is addicted to God Of War.         

God of War is a third person action, adventure game and only for PlayStation. The main character is named Kratos, a greek god, who is fighting against threats. He is trying to connect back with his son, Atreus, after Kratos’ soul mate’s death. Kratos is trying to protect his son from any danger around them. His son provides assistance to Kratos in fighting his enemies  in the game.

Edgar said, “I like God Of War because of its story, combat system, and it is violent.” He also said that he finished the game after staying up playing for three straight days. “It is a story about redemption and the guy is trying to connect back with the son because the mom died, “said Edgar. He also said, “The combat is different. It makes you feel heavy since Kratos is a big guy.”

Luis Rodriguez, age 24, said that God of War is his favorite game of all time. He likes it because of the story as well. “The story is very intriguing and the combat system can differ from the other games’ combat systems.”  The speed during fights is much quicker than other combat games, which requires more skill as a player.

Luis Vitaj, 11, another student at AJCMS, dislikes God of War. He said,” I’d rather play Fortnite because that is what most of my friends play so they invite me.” He plays FIFA [soccer], Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto 5. He also once played Fortnite for a whole day but then got in trouble and couldn’t play for about a week.

Overall, God of War is a great game with a 9/10 rating on Gamestop.com. Although some people feel it’s an overrated game. it’s still considered one of the best games for PS4.