Summer Programs

Blanca Ibarra, Staff Writer

Summer vacation is almost here. A lot of people have plans and some people don’t really have anything to do but stay at home. For example, people go out and some travel. What happens if you don’t have any plans? Well, going to a summer program is something great to do during the summer. There are many summer programs near by. In a summer program there are many things to do like take a class to learn something new or tutoring for extra help.

Savanna Ramirez, a college vista at Animo Jefferson, is recommending a lot of people to join the summer program at Los Angeles Tech Trade Community College. “I think students should be aware about summer programs because a lot  of kids chill at home and don’t do much. [At] summer programs they learn and have different experiences,” said Ramirez. In LATTC they are holding a summer program and Ramirez is informing everyone to join because not many people know about this. ”I think most summer programs,  for example LATTC, students get college credits…”said Ramirez. Students don’t usually do much during summer and having a chance to join a program is great because not many people get enough opportunities. lFor example, Ramirez didn’t know much about summer programs when she was young. ”In middle school and high school parents are not involved in things. I didn’t have a chance to find out about summer programs, but if I did I would of joined,” said Ramirez.

Many students from different school try out new things. A summer program is something not a lot people like joining because some think it’s boring and some actually enjoy their time there. Vanessa Vargas, an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson, is looking forward to joining the program LATTC. ”I want to go to the program because I want to learn how to play the guitar and I think it would be fun because I’ll learn something new everyday and make new friends.”

Vanessa is right: at the program many people get to learn from different classes they choose. Vanessa will be going to LATTC where Ramirez had recommended her to join. Another student at AJCMS, Johana Laralde, said, “I’m interested because I wanted to  experience new things. I do think students should join because it gives you college credits and you get to meet new people.”

Well, when summer ends people who joined wouldn’t want to go back to school and will have a great time after all.