Oscar Gonzalez: Soccer Captain


Osvaldo Delgado, staff writer

Oscar Gonzalez

 From joining the soccer team of AJCMS as just a normal kid to becoming the captain of the team, Oscar Gonzalez has proven that he is worthy of being the captain of AJCMS soccer team. But why was he chosen as the soccer team captain?


Why is Oscar captain?

Why did Mr Alvarado chose Oscar as the team captain? What did he do to be chosen as captain?


I asked Oscar what he did in order to become team captain and he responded saying,” I have good grades and am a good leader to the team, I feel like I am also responsible.” I also asked him if he feels like he’s a good captain and he said,” I feel like I am a good leader because i can communicate with team well and I also motivate them to play and get along with each other.” But what inspired him to play soccer for the Animo Jefferson soccer team?  What motivates him to play and be a good leader?


What Motivates Oscar to Play?

 Being the captain of the team is a great thing. But what motivates Oscar to playing soccer and being captain? What keeps him going is to doing more than just not doing anything at all. So I asked him what motivated him to play for the team and he said,” I liked soccer since I was small, also it’s a fun sport that I really enjoy to play.”  But what has he done to impact the soccer team? How has he helped the soccer team?


How has he Impacted the Team

 How has he impacted the team? What has he done for the team? I asked him how has he impacted the team and he said,” By being captain and telling the team what their roles are and leading the team to do good.”