Soccer Game in Culver City

Jade Ramirez, section editor

On Thursday, May 24, 2018 at Culver City Middle School there was a playoff quarterfinal soccer game against Mark Twain Middle School. Our soccer team has been doing good this past year. On 22 of May they won a playoff  game 2-0 against KIPP Sol and that’s what got them to the next round of the playoffs. This game was important just like all the games but this game means that they made it to the semifinals. Lucky they didn’t lose or it would be there last game.

Elizabeth Borum, a supporter, stated, “I always think they’ll do well at the games because they’ve practiced really hard and work well as a team.” She is always positive and supportive that her team will do well even if you new and need to strive harder to improve and make a better effort. As they practice they are getting better. Borum isn’t the coach but she helps make sure they’re eligible to play. For example, like checking their grades and seeing that they don’t get in trouble so they can participate in there soccer games. She was also there to cheer on and motivate the players.  It’s no wonder they won the game.

Even though they are a good team they still have problems just like any other team and they have to face challenges. “I think the biggest improvement is adjusting to a new team because we lose all the 8th graders, but I’m confident that the six and seventh graders will step up and fill those rolls.” The soccer game in Culver City [just like a the other games] is a mix of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. They showed hard work in their practices and that’s what help them win the game. Coach Alvarado and Ms. Borum have trust in the students who have wanted to play soccer.They all worked together to succeed.

 She also supports the people who want to play, and there is always a way to help the team. And if you don’t get to play in a game you will still gain support from the team and the coaches. She also says to the future soccer players that want to join, “Always try, we practice and will work on your skills that you don’t feel confident with.” So anyone who is interested in joining but doesn’t feel confident, just go and try out and they will make you confident in the stuff you know. Joining soccer means you can help win games too, just like the team did in the Culver City game.If you actually think about it, it was probably not easy to score two points. It takes time and effort. Coach Alvarado is very proud and happy for the team that he trained.

Laila Velasquez, a soccer player, went and played in the Culver City soccer game.  “It was a big moment. We made it to the semifinals. We made it this far and we can’t give up right now.” She was extremely happy and excited for her team.  They are also confident to win the other games that are to come up. “I do feel confident even though some people didn’t play but were still there to support them.”

The game they won in Culver City was a big step forward towards their goal of a championship.


Note:  The soccer team won their city seminal game on Tuesday 1-0 and will play Culver City Middle School on its home turf for the city title.