Is the eighth grade dance being cancelled?

Is the eighth grade dance being cancelled?

Alondra García, Managing Editor

Ilse Gonzalez, eighth grade coordinator

The 8th grade dance that is on June 2nd may be cancelled due to not enough students buying their pass to go to the dance. The administrators extended the due date  so more students can pay to go to the dance. Are there enough students to be able to continue the dance ? What are students’ reactions ?


Ezequiel Banda, 13, a student at AJCMS who is going to the dance, said,“ When I heard that there was a chance of the dance being cancelled I was pretty bummed out. I would not get a chance to have fun with my friends before we had to go and the fact that I already paid for it just got me really mad because that was money well earned and spent. I just hope they don’t take it away.” He also said, “ I want to go to the dance because it sounds fun. I wanted to spend time with my friends before summer came along and I stopped seeing them. Also, dances have always been fun in the school and the fact that it is for is eighth graders just makes it extra special.”


Jesus Aguilar, 13, a student at AJCMS who is not participating in the dance, said that he doesn’t really mind the dance getting cancelled because he’s not going to the dance.


 Ilse Gonzalez, the teacher who is in charge of all eighth grade activities, said, “There is about 40 students going to the dance [so far], but I’m not really sure [the exact number] because I haven’t checked in in the office [recently], but the dance will not be cancelled because there is a few students.” Gonzalez said that the dance will not be cancelled because it is an AJCMS tradition and the school doesn’t want to cancel the tradition.


 Students were overwhelmed that it could’ve been cancelled because they wanted to spend their last dance with their friends . Although not many students are not going to the dance  it is still being continued.