Soccer team will play for the city championship

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We have  many activities at our school, but soccer is the best one because of their amazing players. They have won many games and lost only two games. They have had a great season since it started. They also try really hard to push themselves to do better and grow as players. This year they  have made it to the playoffs and they have won .They have tried very hard to make it this far. On Thursday, they will play in their final game for the city championship. 

 The soccer coach at AJCMS, Francisco Alvarado, said that he has enjoyed going out and leading them to victory. “It’s one of my favorite thing to do.  I also love all sports but soccer is my favorite,” said Alvarado. This season has been going good for them they made to the playoff and competed against a undefeated  team that they took the win. Some strategies that Alvarado has them do is stretching, running, working on techniques, and playing as a team. He been saying they been going through some challenges but they worked through it they only lost 2 games with 6 games that they worked really hard to win.

       A student named Allison Rosales, who is also on the soccer team, also said that she enjoys her experience. ”Soccer has been having a impact on my life because I got closer to my brother and Mr. Alvarado makes it competitive and fun,”she said with lots of enthusiasm. She also told us how they practice. “Before we would run laps and like exercises that will help us play different position.” She has also told us the great season ”I don’t know honestly how we only lost 2 games, tied 1, and won the rest.” The last thing we asked her was how have you improved. She answered that she has been getting more aggressive on defense.

       Another student from AJCMS  in the soccer team named Alvaro Martinez said, “It been really fun playing in the AJCMS soccer team.” He also said soccer helped him by distracting him from the bad things that were happening. For example, he was getting in trouble and soccer has influenced him to do better. Also, some ways they trained for each soccer game he said was, “We stretch before a game , we run half a lap ,and then we shoot of the goal.” So all of this says it been a great experience for him.

       The soccer team has had a great season thanks to their great players and their enthusiasm towards soccer which helps them to push themselves to do better. They try better each time to reach their goal in order to go as far as they can. They use their passion to continue playing soccer in order to get better.