Facing the challenge of high school: Eighth graders react

Brian Matias, Staff writer


This year many eighth graders will culminate from the eighth grade and will move on to high school. The students have different opinions about entering high school. Students said that it high school will be more challenging than middle school. They also said that high school will bring fun memories.

Carlos Rivera, eighth grader, said, “I think [high school] will be harder because my [older] brother said it was hard because you get more work.”    

Jason Medina, age 13, said, “I feel nervous and excited because I’m looking [forward to] making new friends and I don’t know what work is coming.” Medina also said, “I think I will like high school because there will be more fun memories.”

Aiden Sandoval, eighth grade, said, “Something I’m really looking forward to is to join the high school soccer team.” Sandoval also said was, “I really don’t feel anything about going to high school because you are just moving on to another grade.”

Bismark Ledesma, age 14, said, “I feel kind of nervous because I don’t think I’m ready for high  school.” He also said that he is really looking forward to getting good grades and being able to  graduate from high school, and moving on to high school.

Brandon Lee, eighth grader, said, “How I feel about going to high school is I feel nervous because the classes might be harder than middle school classes.”

Most students think that high school will be difficult as well as fun. Students think that High school will be harder because they will learn more difficult topics. They think that high school will be a better experience because it will bring fun memories.

Josue Lopez, college freshman, said, “When I first entered high school, I felt a bit scared because it was a new experience and I didn’t have much friends.” Some advice Lopez gave to future ninth graders was that students should read more books because in high school you will start to read more complex books and will also have to write stronger analysis. In addition to this, he said “I would definitely say to not give up if you have a bad grade and to always push yourself to do more. You should do more because colleges will choose students who push themselves to do more than they are asked to do.”