5 places to go during summer

Heriberto Estrada, staff writer

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#1. National Parks

My first reason that I believe that people should visit these parks is because they are beautiful.  


For example, I recommend that people should visit Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks because these parks are located really close. Another good reason to go to these parks is because they have beautiful nature sightings which makes them my number one summer place to visit. Yosemite has really beautiful mountains and lot of amazing trails.


Sequoia Park also has really amazing features such as Grant Grove which is known for its large beautiful brown trees which makes them unique and cool.Yosemite Park it is also known for its beautiful “Lyell Glacier” which is known to be the largest glacier remaining in the park ,and the one of the few remaining in the park of it’s kind.Therefore these are the reasons why I choose National Park’s as my first place to go during summer vacation.


 As some people may know, when summer arrives it gets really hot and what a better way to cool off then by going to the beach. At some beaches there’s events where they raffle prizes but there are also beaches that host surfing competitions that you can watch from really close to really or far away if you would like to. But the best things that I personally enjoy that you could find is the cheese burger with lots of fries in the Santa Monica pier that you could buy while you spend some quality time with family, which really matters. As a bonus the beach is free that is why I choose the beach at number 2 on the list.

#3.Theme park

I choose “ theme park “ as my third place to go on summer vacation because as some people may know theme parks get really full and most of the time people need to buy the fast lane tickets so that they could enjoy the rides properly.


Another reason why I choose theme park as my third place to go during summer vacation is because sometimes the parks might be very expensive and maybe some people might have like a certain amount of money they want to spend while they are in the park. For example, costs at a theme park include food, hotel, souvenirs and the price of the entry of the park.


So this is why I choose theme Park as my third in my list because sometimes it might be very expensive and even if people have plans of spending certain money on things in the park they might go over the limit.


#.4 Mexico


Mexico is one of the best countries you could visit because everything is cheaper than the United States!


Here, let me give you an example. 100 US dollars is 1,980.36 pesos, which is a lot of money. Also with 1,980.36 pesos you could eat a good meal and a good hotel. This is very good especially if you don’t want to go over budget. Mexico also offers many tourist places such as Cancun, which is known for its beautiful beaches.So another place to visit is Chichen Itza. This place is known for its ruins and beautiful temples that are shaped like a Pyramid.These are my reasons why I choose Mexico as my 4th.


#.5 Russia

Although the United States doesn’t have a good relationship with Russia, the World Cup is an event you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re a huge soccer fan. Russia will be hosting this year’s World Cup. I choose Russia as Fifth on my list because it is cool than California, so not your typical summer and also if you want to experience everything Russia has to offer that is why I choose Russia as fifth in my list.


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