Active shooter game banned

 Active Shooter Game banned


The game Active Shooter was a school shooter simulator and it was supposed to come out June 6th, 2018. After a petition came out with over 180,000 signatures opposing the video game because of its controversy after the Florida’s Parkland school shooting,the game got banned from Steam, a website that sells video games online for PC. The family from the victims of the school shooting responded to the game as “horrific” and “despicable.”


This isn’t the only game that has civilian violence. Another game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that was released in 2009 has a very graphic scene. Four guys in armour vests with heavy weaponry enter an airport and start shooting civilians and cops, which lead the game creator to put in an age restriction before playing this scene.

Screen shots from the new game ‘Call of Duty 2: Modern Warfare’ released today in the UK, Airport scene where civilians are massacred

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida called Active Shooter “inexcusable” and said the creator of the game should be ashamed of himself. There is some speculation that the creator posted the game before with a different username, then once his account got banned he created a new account and uploaded the same game again.


Carlos Rivera, an AJMS eighth grade, said, “The game is terrible, disturbing, and sad.” Another AJMS student, eighth grader Ayline Orihuela, said, whatever is in the game stays in the game.


When I was little I used to think that these video games about shooting people were really cool. Now that I am older I find these games very inappropriate because civilian killing it isn’t fun, especially with all the school shootings happening right now.


No one should reenact to whatever is in the game. I agree with both statements because no game should be a reenacted in real life. No game should be allowed when it is a simulator of a school shooting.Therefore, I believe games like this should never exist.