Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala

Volcano de Fuego, Guatemala

Volcano de Fuego, Guatemala

Volcano de Fuego, Guatemala

Rick Gonzalez, staff writer

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Rescuers using heavy machinery and shovels found the bodies of several more victims of an eruption at Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire on Monday, and rescuers pulled 10 people still alive from ash drifts and mud flows and 62 people are confirmed dead.

In the village of El Rodeo, heavily armed soldiers wearing blue masks scouted for people who were hidden under the dirt. A group of people arrived with shovels and work boots. A student at AJCMS named Milton Hernandez, an eighth grader, says that, “The people need to unite in order to fix the problem.”

Maria Hernandez, my grandmother, has family members over in Guatemala who had just left before the volcanic eruption happened. They had to move from Chisec to Salama and then stayed at the hotel Westin Camino Real. Maria states, “My family members had just left before the eruption had happened. I feel very worried about the volcanic eruption in Guatemala.”

People in Guatemala are volunteering to help rescuers to find hidden people or bodies. The amount of deaths is 62 and the amount of  injuries are estimated to be in the hundreds. People have been hiding under the dirt to try and be safe from the falling ash. All of the lava had dried up on June 4th and all you can see is pure ashes from all of the trees, people, and animals that were lost during the eruption.

The people were warned a few days earlier that the volcano was likely to erupt. Some people couldn’t move anywhere because they didn’t have any transportation. So their last hope was to dig themselves under the dirt to make sure the ash didn’t kill them. But others just accepted their fate because they were either too old or just  couldn’t live anymore. Overall these people are currently still trying to find and rescue other people.


If you would like to help the cause and donate you can donate at this site: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation.

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Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala