Avengers: Endgame causes mixed feelings

Avengers: Endgame causes mixed feelings

Cesar Vega and Kevin Flores

On April 26, Avengers: Endgame was released out into the the theaters. It was one of the few movies that even before it came out it had already built up so much hype around it. A reason for this can be attributed to the unique ending that Avengers: Infinity War had which for once the villain, Thanos, won and succeeded at wiping out half of the human race.


With this exciting ending it is no surprise that  it brought more attention and people to the series. With the movie’s release it also brought different thoughts about Avengers. Here are are some things that people think about about the movie.


One opinion that Juan Vega had about Thor was, “I think that now that he’s lazy and not as strong as before, I think he wont get as much attention in movies as before.” He thought that Thor would not be very interesting in the future but he still does not believe that this will be the end of the Avengers.”


“I don’t think that it’s the end because although they did defeat a very strong villain, there will still probably be more things stronger than Thanos,” he said. He also didn’t feel like it was the time for Iron Man to go and thus have his Iron Man series end with Avengers: Endgame.


“I don’t think it is the end of Iron Man because he plays a huge role in  Marvel and it would seem weird without him in Avengers too,” he argued.


Another opinion coming from Carlos Vega says, “My reaction when Iron Man died was a big hell nah because since Spider Man is my favorite superhero and he looks up to Iron Man I just knew that he wouldn’t be the same after his death,” Carlos stated. He also thought that all this just made Avengers stronger and didn’t really believe that it made them weaker or anything.


“I don’t think that all this negatively impacted the Avengers because now that they defeated something way stronger than them, now they became stronger and we can expect bigger, better, things from Avengers,” Carlos said.  


Rigoberto Moreno believes that some characters were left out this time. “I think they left out The Guardians Of The Galaxy a lot this time, especially when Star Lord got easily knocked out which made him seem weak,” he argued.


Moreno also had a common opinion with Juan but about a different character. “I think that Captain America was left in the same position as Thor, they both lost their power in a way.  One is overweight and the other is old,” he stated. He also thought that it was pretty funny that Bruce banner and Hulk turned into one guy.


All in all, they were all glad they saw the movie even though they had some mixed reactions. “The Marvel movies are really special because they are something that everybody knows and that makes us care about the characters and what happens,” said Juan.