A student’s life through the lenses

Glasses may seem like an accessory people where to look fashionable. Although people realize that glasses are for eyesight, they do not realize how hard it is to have glasses. Like many other people in the world, some students at AJCMS are visually impaired and must wear glasses to see.


Vivian Lopez, eighth grader at AJMS, shares her struggles of having glasses on and how it affects her self confidence.


“When I want to lay down sideways, I have to take them off. If I take them off, then everything is blurry. Also like when they’re off, I feel kinda insecure and uncomfortable. It’s so weird. You can’t even wear sunglasses,” says Lopez.


Some people may even get mean comments or may have embarrassing moments because of their glasses.


Michelle Argueta, a student at Orthopedic Medical Magnet High School, says, “When I take my glasses off to clean them, my friends don’t recognize me and people always tell me I look weird. It’s just uncomfortable and bothersome.”


Glasses may not only bring emotional effects, it may also bring problems into your everyday routine.


“Glasses aren’t invincible, so they break sometime or they get all scratched up and stuff. It’s the little things that can be annoying, like having to to take them off for everyday things like showering or changing your clothes.” says Daniel Almazan, an eighth grade student at AJCMS.


Not everything about glasses is bad though; having glasses can have benefits when it comes to people’s identities and perspectives.


”I feel great great because my glasses make me who I am and I feel like without them I would be a totally different person. It like part of my identity and it’s a big part, of what I feel, makes me unique from a lot of people,” says Almazan.


Daniel Almazan