The best known soccer player at Animo Jefferson


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, with over four billion fans.


Many think Adrian Garcia is a really good soccer player and some say he might be the best soccer player in Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School.


Adrian started off watching it and eventually started playing it.


“I would watch my dad play. It was really cool seeing him do tricks with the ball and wanted to try it myself, so when I was old enough he put me in a team,” said Adrian.


When he was a sixth graders, he was the only one that tried out to make the team. 


“I was really happy when I made in sixth grade but was surprised when I heard that I was the only sixth grader that made the team,” said Adrian.


Adrian did not always excel at soccer, but over the years he did become better at the sport.


“When I was in sixth grade there were others who were better than me. Since they eventually left I became the best but if they were still here I wouldn’t be,” said Adrian.


Kevin Rodriguez, Adrian Garcia’s cousin and also a soccer player, is catching up to Adrian.


“Adrian is really good at soccer. I believe I can catch up to him if I keep on practicing,” said Kevin.


Alex Hernandez, one of Adrian friends, has seen Adrian improve since sixth grade.


“Adrian is really good. I’ve seen him get better and better. I feel that if he keeps playing and practicing he might make it to play pro ball,” said Alex.


With all the potential Adrian has, he believes he can play pro ball.


“I do believe that if I keep on practicing I can make it pro.It would be really cool playing for top teams.I hope that one day that dream can come true,” said Adrian.