“My worst memory is when my son got lost in the beach.”


Sonia Leon

When I was in sixth grade and I got a lanyard and a medal.

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My mom was born in Mexico and traveled across the border to come to Los Angeles so that her children have a better education she struggled but with the help of my cousin which helped her cross the border she gave her children better education. In 2003 and 2006 my mom had her best memories with  my sister and me. Before her children were born her dad sadly passed away and a few later her mom passed away too she felt lonely now.


My mom loved the color black and her favorite animal is a parrot. Her childhood was very happy and she had tons of great friends and had great times. Her worst memories where when her son was choking and she couldn’t help him also when she lost him in a beach but after a while she found him.


She is very proud of her son because he is very obedient very intelligent. Her advice for school is to not stress themselves just pay attention to there teachers and study.And when she had her heart broken was when my dad left her with their children and hasn’t came back or asked to see them. She feels if she could do everything again she would find a better dad so her children would be happier.




Juan Martinez:What is your favorite color?
Barbara Betancourt: My color hmm my favorite color is black because I feel like it fits me well.
JM:What is your favorite animal?
BB:My favorite animal is a parrot because it talks a lot and talks like a person.
JM:How was it when you grew up?
Bb:How was it when i grew up it was so happy because I had my I had my family complete and my family complete and happy.
JM:How was your childhood?
BB: My childhood how was my childhood was very beautiful because I went and played with my friends at the river throw rocks patio play the radio and the field to play soccer and volleyball.
JM:That seems like very fun.
JM:What was your best memories?
BB: Ahh my best memories is when my children were born.
JM:Any worst memories?
BB:My worst memories is when [backround inaudible] when one of my children got lost in the beach and I couldn’t find him I went in circles trying to find him but I didn’t also when my son was choking on a pineapple and I saw my son was suffering and I couldn’t help him.
JM:Are you proud of me?
Bb:Yes I am very proud of my son because he is very intelligent and very obedient  and very respectful and very intelligent and very handsome.
JM:Have you ever had your heart broken?
BB:Yes I have had my heart broken when the father of my children left me for someone else and left me alone with my children.
JM:If you could do everything again what would you do differently?
BB:If I could do everything I would I would find a better dad for my children so that me and my children could be very happy.
JM:What is the best advice to try to give someone who has difficulties in school?
BB:The best hmm the best advice hmm that I would give to someone who has difficulties in school is to not stress themselves just pay attention to there teachers and study so that it’s more easier school.
JM:Okay that’s very good advice.
JM:What is the saddest moment in your life?
BB:Hmm which moment was the saddest in my life hmmm the most sad is when my dad first died then my mom and felt very lonely and feel very lonely without them because they make me feel very lack.
JM:Okay um thank you.