“As a kid, sometimes I had to take care of animals in the rain because they had to eat. I also had to ride horses that were barely growing.”


Misael who was a child always used to have fun and play around with other kids that were the same age. Misael had to find his way around everywhere because his parents were hardworking and wanted him to succeed in the future. As a kid, he enjoyed going to school and being able to get home and say, “What a wonderful day of school I had.” As he was growing up, he had to sometimes go out in the rain and feed the animals in order to make sure that they got their food. After feeding the animals, he would go out and run in the puddles.





Michael Vargas : Question number 1, where were you born?

Misael Vargas : I was born in the state of Veracruz.

Michael: How was your childhood?

Misael: My childhood was very beautiful, I would take care of animals, like horses, goat, I also even go out in the rain and run on the puddles.

Michael: Have you ever encountered any challenges in your life?

Misael: As a kid yes, I had a lot um, sometimes I had to take care of animals in the rain because they had to eat, um I also had to ride horses that were barely growing .

Michael: Were you from the rich or from the poor?

Misael: I would say poor because we were farmers, we planted corm, beans, and pumpkins.

Michael: Did you like school?

Misael: I always liked school.

Michael: Did you do any outside activities outside of school?

Misael: Yes, when vacation came, I would work, and I would like to go to the park, buy my chips,and soda.

Michael: How did you see yourself in 10 years from when you were a kid.?

Misael: Well to be honest, I didn’t know, but I see myself going good.

Michael: What did you want to do when you grew up?

Misael: I didn’t know at first of what to be, I would have liked to be an engineer or a botanist like the ones that , um, check the plants and their growths and put fertilizer, also anything that had to do with animals, but I ended up studying something else like management and it’s also very nice.

Michael: Why did it interest you to learn about plants?

Misael: Because I like the fields and anything that had to do with animals really interest me.

Michael: How do you think the earth will be without animals?

Misael: The world without animals, this question is very hard but at the same time very easy, the animals are part of oneself.

Michael: When you were a kid what college did you want to go?

Misael: I wanted to go to a military college.

Michael: Okay, umm what did you like about the military?

Misael: Well I wanted to drive airplanes and helicopters, and the family that I had many were military.

Michael:Okay, was there ever a time when you found yourself in a place when you didn’t know what to do?For example if you got lost in school and if yes who helped you?

Misael: Most of the time I wouldn’t get lost because I was always looking for new places unknown.

Michael: So you liked adventures?

Misael: Yes,I was always by places that, I liked to find new places and like really just old places that were abandoned that I never walked by, because sometimes you find stuff that, or trees, caves, and that you’ll never find anywhere else

Michael:Talking about exploring what was one thing that you wanted to find .

Misael: When I was a kid? 

Michael: Yes.

Misael: In my adventure I liked to look for stuff like old stuff, I used to find old toys made out of baro, little heads out of jars like when you do hot chocolate, like the one that the Indians, like really old, anything that was in Mexico like the Mayans. 

Michael:What were some stuff that you learned while in school?

Misael: In the school, I learned a lot of multiplication,addition,division, and I learned how to one self to solve there problems without someone helping you.

Michael: So you liked math?

Misael: Let’s say that almost knowone like’s it, but you find it everywhere, you find it everyday, in the calendar, in the time, so your always gonna find it, it’s a part of one’s self.

Michael:Where there any other things you liked from the school?

Misael: Yes,I liked to play soccer, I liked volleyball,run,and i was good.

Michael:What did you find interesting about the sports that made you wanna play?

Misael: That they were popular.

Michael:In what way were they popular?

Misael: That my friends would say, ”Your very Good”.

Michael: So, did your friends play with you?

Misael :Yes, I had like 20 friends, most of the team were my friends.

Michael:Okay, so when you were a kid did you like going places that your mom, and dad, for example the park?

Misael: Almost, when we went out with our parents it was either to go to family parties, not the parks because I would go by myself, but I did like going, because like how I told you earlier, I liked to explore, and if I went to my uncle’s house that I didn’t know, I liked looking to his plants, and the snails are there natural habitat, I was almost like my whole childness, in the new and different houses.

Michael:Did you have any animals that you had, like yours. 

Misael: Yes, I had goats and a horse.

Michael:Did they have names?

Misael: Only the horse and the goats no because we only got the goats to eat and to sell, and the horse no, and the horse you have it and raise it for years, 2 or 3 years.

Michael: What was the horses name?

Misael: His name was”La San”.

Michael:”La San”?

Misael: Because It was brownish and blond.

Michael:Thank you so much for the interview.

Misael: Ok, your welco me.