“One of my favorite memories was when the whole family got to get together.”


Jimena Castro

My Mom receiving a gift from my dad.

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On September 2003, Sara Chavarria immigrated to the U.S. with only her husband, Francisco, and three year old daughter, Jimena. They together set out to having a better life in the U.S.

While on her way here, she was exposed to challenges such as leaving her family and friends which lead to them not having any support. She had also needed to find a way to earn money and learn a new language. When finally reaching her destination, she felt proud of having one challenges completed. Still knowing that many more were to come, she tried her hardest.

Sara, now 46, living with her husband, daughter and two sons, Javier and Bryan, has been living in Los Angeles. She has now been here for 16 years. Having still no family here, she’s been able to prosper and keep on going. Wanting the best for her children, she tries everything she can to inspire them and make them become good people in life.



Javier Castro: So, tell me a bit about yourself?
Sara Chavarria: Umm ok, what do you want to know about me?
JC: Tell me about your childhood?
SC: Well my childhood was very beautiful because my family always spent time with one another, we always had family reunions.
JC: Oh that’s nice, How was it like where you lived?
SC: Where I lived it was very pretty, my family took me and my brothers out to places we enjoyed during vacation. They took us to places such as my grandma’s and grandpa’s house.
JC: As a kid, What were your dreams to do for when you grow older?
SC: One of my dreams was to finish college and get a job.
JC: What Were some of your best memories?
SC: One of my favorite memories was when the whole family got to do reunions on Christmas because we all talked, played games, we went to go see my grandma.
JC: Was your life different from what you imagined?
SC: Well no, I think not because it was mostly a happy life, my parents always gave us what was within their reach.
JC: Who inspired you to become who you are right now?
SC: Who inspired, well my parents because they were always the motor to everything because they taught us to fight for what we wanted, to do everything right, and to do whatever we can.
JC: Would you want to relive your life, if so why and what part?
SC: Umm what part to redo?… well I think it would be my school years because I only got to high school since my parents couldn’t pay all of the college money. Yea this would also be considered one of my challenges.
JC: What were your other types of challenges?
SC: Ummm I think that would’ve been the only one since I really wanted to study but my parents couldn’t give us more education because its cost was too much.
JC: Also, What were your most difficult times?
SC: Ummm my most difficult times would be when my dads dad had gotten very sick because we had to support my dad to take care of him. I think that was the most difficult since we had to go to the hospital everyday.
JC: How were your parents like?
SC: My parents were very good people because they always talked to us, they gave us the best tips for when we needed them, and to this date they still inspire me to go on with my family that I now have.
JC: What lessons have you learned during your life?
SC: Lessons… Well one would’ve been crossing from Mexico to the U.S. That would’ve been a lesson but also a challenge since having to fly over for wanting to prosper with my family.
JC: For when you grow older, how would you like to be remembered?
SC: To be remembered well… I would like to be remembered as a person who was good, who gave good tips, someone who was an inspiration for you guys even though I may not have not finished high school but for you guys to actually finish it in the years to come for you guys.
JC: What are some of the dreams that you wish for me and my brother and sisters to do?
SC: For you guys well, I wish for you guys to have a career, to go forward so that you guys don’t act as one, that your guys challenges will be overcome because you guys can do anything.
JC: When you were still younger and lived with all you family, who was your favorite?
SC: My favorite was well my mom because she was like a close friend, like a sister, she was always inspired me and motivated me even though I was the only girl in the family.She treated me like my brothers but she motivated me to go on.
JC: During your life did you or somebody else break your heart?
SC: Well that I know I don’t think so.
JC: From your parents what have you learned?
SC: Well I learned that we have to work a lot because even though my dad was old he always came home at midnight because during the day he sold baskets and after that he went to go visit his sons.
JC: You as a mother, are you happy as to what I am right now?
SC: Of course, since the day I was married and had you, you’ve always been my number one priority because you are achieving a moment in life that I didn’t accomplish.
JC: Well that’s the end.
SC: That’s it.
JC: Yeah well umm thank you.