“What’s your favorite book?”


Rosa Perez

Kevin is showing the games he got for Christmas.

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Kevin is an anime lover who learns a lot from PBS kids. He looks up to Rick Riordan and one day hopes to be a writer.

He hopes to publish a graphic novel or a webcomic and is even interested in taking a career path in the art industry. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to characters in anime and even in cartoons.

He is currently a high-schooler at Animo Ralph Bunche and is working to make his dreams a reality.  






Brisa Martinez: OK where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Kevin Martinez: In 20 years?
 BM: Yes.
KM: Maybe as a writer I guess.
BM: As a writer?
KM: Yea.
BM: Am I not part of that?
KM: Well do you want to be part of it?
BM: Well yea dude.
KM: OK then, OK then. So the next question.
BM: Umm um What motivates you?
KM: What motivates me?
BM: Yes.
KM: Well I guess when I start reading novels. I I I I like reading novels. I like those novels and I thought of becoming a writer myself, but, but however wait
BM: [whisper] It’s fine.
KM: … So so when I was reading novels I I thought to myself that that I would like to do something like this something like this so I tried maybe writing a few [inaudible] but then I realized that I’m not-  when I have the stories I’m really good like for details like writing characters thought, describing cities, and people people. So I thought may- maybe instead maybe maybe maybe I write a novel maybe I should create like a graphic novel or wed comic, so I can just draw it out cause I’m mostly interested in drawing.
BM: Hmm.
KM: So yea. yea. But in that case I’ll be a writer for Wed-comics or graphic novels. Or maybe a comic book something like that.
BM: Hmm OK. Interesting. hmm. Tell me about the saddest moment of your life.
KM: The what?
BM: The saddest moment of your life.
KM: The saddest moment.
BM: Yea of your life.
KM: I’m sorry. Wa-  what is that?
BM: Like what is the Saddest moment of your-
KM: Oh sorry I hear- I thought you static not saddest.
KM: The saddest moment of my life?
BM: Yea.
KM: I can’t really recall. Like when I think of sad moments I realized that some of them were just pity.
BM: Yea same. Um what’s your favorite anime?
KM: Anime?
BM: Yea.
KM: Well hmm. Now now my favorite anime would be, well, I guess creating My hero academia or Boku hero academia. I guess.
BM: What’s the difference between Bakugo no hero and My hero academia?
KM: Boku no hero academia is how you pronounce it Japan I think.
BM: oh I always wanted to [inaudible] about that. um are- when are you gonna start watching seven deadly sins?
KM: Seven deadly sins- when I’m gonna start watching seven deadly sins?
BM: Yea.
KM: Yea yea well right, well right now, well right so when it [inaudible] I don’t I don’t really have as much free time as I used too. And um I and besides I’m already watching Hunter Hunter, so I guess once I’m done with the story arc. I guess I guess I plan I might get too it.
BM: If you say so. OK um… what’s the happiest moment of your life?
KM: The happiest moment of my life.
BM: Yes.
KM: Now- hmm Now na- na- my life well I well I just well I don’t really remember I’ve had many moments but I can’t remember which one is the happiest. I feel like, I feel like, I feel like per- perhaps maybe the happiest moment of my life will come in the future cause right now I haven’t lived my entire life, so I can’t really say what was the happiest.
BM: H- okay. um wh- oh wait never mind hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm give me a moment, give me a moment, dammit  I’m so unprepared for this [silence] um is there a certain person that inspires you?
KM: I mean, I mean I guess Rick Riordan with his books I guessed inspired me I guess.
BM: Oh.
KM: I guess Rick Riordan with his books he’s my favorite author.
BM: Yea same. I mean he doesn’t inspire me, but you know.
KM: uh-
BM: What’s your favorite book?
KM: Book? Now I can’t really tell you I’v- I’ve- I’ve read some great books. I’ve read some great books from different authors.
BM: hmm [silence] hum-mm[silence] hum mm-mm can you tell me about a time that you learned- can you tell me a story about a time that you learned a lesson?
KM: The the um yea I- a story when I learned a lesson?
BM: Yea.
KM: Watching PBS kids I guess.
BM: [laughs]
KM: Like the [inaudible] like the- I mean- I mean- I mean don’t those teach us morals and about math and all.
BM: That’s true.
KM: So shouldn’t just watching TV in general count then.
BM: I mean [laughs] yea, but like just watching PBS kids that’s where you learned your lesson from?
KM: I guess. Yea they teach us about moral, math and all.
BM: I wonder if we just kept on watching PBS kids and not Disney channel and stuff we would’ve been super smart.
KM: I mean well PBS kids is like elementary level, so- so unless they were high school, middle school level PBS kids, I guess if we watched [inaudible] we might of be more smarter.
BM: But Cyber Chase is still going on and like they’re probably like in calculus or something. So-
KM: That’s one- that’s from The odd1outs.
BM: Yea but like still dude. If it’s still going on that’s means they just kept on going and going with the math levels.
KM: I guess so.
BM: I mean like same. We probably shouldn’t of kept on watching it instead of watching Disney channel.
KM: Yea I guess so.
BM: What’s your favorite PBS kids show?
KM: I don’t know like I remember- I remember liking many Arthur, Martha speaks, Word Girl-
BM: But those were the ones that barely came out. The good ones barely came out, it was
always the bad ones that came out.
KM: You- you mean Cilfford
BM: I mean Cilfford came out I liked it- It was good.
KM: It was the Barentsied Bear, The Wild Kratts.
BM: oh yea.
KM: Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, Curious George, Sesame Street,-
BM: But those barely came out it was more like that dinosaur one-
KM: oh Dinosaur Train.
BM: Yea and there’s another one. There’s one that I really hated and I don’t [inaudible] oh Daniel’s Ti- Tiger Neighborhood.
KM: Ye- ye- yea- yea it’s a bit too childish for me.
BM: I know. And I always hated it and it always came out [inaudible] My favorite one is Arthur.
KM: I think that was probably the best one.
BM: It was. To be honest and- I remember one episode that like Arthur punched D.W.-
KM: Oh yea.
BM: And I think isn’t that a little too mature for kids.
KM: Maybe- There was an episode where D.W. hears about a swear word and they beep it out-
BM: What was the swear word?
KM: Like we never learned. There was one where the lunch lady got cancer, but survived.
BM: [inaudible] wait cancer?
KM: Yea.
BM: Wow Arthur is really not for kids now that I think about it.
KM: Yea but are- aren’t these important things to teach kids at young age to have them be prepared- don’t you think that?
BM: Yea but should little kids really be learning that at such a young age.
KM: hmm maybe.
BM: OK. I really like Word Girl.
KM: Yea World Girl. ye- yea I remember thinking the villains in World Girl were probably the coolest.
BM: They were like the girl that thought everyday was her birthday-
KM: Yea-
BM: -then she turned into hulk.
KM: Yea she turned into hulk, then doctor two brain, The butcher man, The wampers, The Chuck- sandwich making guy.
BM: Yea.
KM: And Toby the robot creator something like that.
BM: Oh yea Toby.
KM: And there was the electric monster.
BM: I always wanted World Girl-  you know I hated this thing about PBS kids.
KM: hmm
BM: They never had couples, they never had any romance and I always hated that.
KM: hmm I think there’s some minor romances.
BM: Like what?
KM: I- I don’t remember I don’t remember, but it’s a kid show like it’s a kid show maybe-
BM: If Arthur can have kids- if Arthur can have like a girl with cancer why can’t they have some romance and-
KM: I don’t know honestly.
BM: I- I mean I also liked the thing they did with Mr.Rat and the like gay wedding.
KM: Oh yea.
BM: I like that, but I would’ve like  but I would’ve like seeing them together more instead of it just coming out.
KM: As far as I know- as far as I know his husband hasn’t appeared yet which- which is kind of a shame.
BM: I know. I would’ve like like seeing more moments of them together instead of just like boom here’s a wedding.
KM: Yea- ye- yea- it would’ve been nice to see them again, it’s really nice.
BM: Yea.
KM: It would be really nice.
BM: um who’s your favorite character from My hero Academia?
KM: hmm I mean- I mean I’m not really putting it into order but here’s some, Mirio, Shigaraki, Tamaki th- the one with the elf ears, Deku, and Kirishima, I guess.
BM: Kirishima? hmm OK I guess. I really like Shinso the purple hair-
KM: Oh yea I like him too.
BM: He’s like trying to get out of like that- he’s trying to like go to into the hero course. Right?
KM: hmm yea the hero course.
BM: And I think Mr. Aizawa kind of like helps him?
KM: Yea yea he does.
BM: I like that I like the like-
KM: Yea.
BM: Farther and son.
KM: Like All Might and Deku.
BM: Yes oh my god I love All Might and Deku!
KM: And also like All For One and Shigaraki.
BM: Oh oh yea. Well yea, but isn’t All For One dead?
KM: No All For One is still alive he’s he’s he’s in Tartarus which is a prison for villains.
BM: Yea. I would’ve- I want to see more moments between All For One and Shigaraki.
KM: Yea we did see some moments of them in the manga.
BM: Really.
KM: Yea.
BM: hmm what else was I gonna say? Oh elf ears right.
KM: Yea the th- th- one who can manifest anything that he eats.
BM: So like, here’s a question. I know it probably sounds super stupid, but if he eats a fish does he get a mermaid tail?
KM: Like we don’t- like I don’t know so far we’ve only see him him do certain things like he eats fried chicken or he eats chicken he- he- he gets like a claw, he gets some wings. He eats some octopus or squid he can-  he can form some tentacles.
BM: Can he like kind of take pick where he wants that thing to manifest in?
KM: Yea I think- I think he kind of does actually.
BM: So like he wore his- when he has like he’s hero costume does he just like carry fried chicken with him?
KM: Um I- I- I think he just- he just eats it- he just eats it before battle so that he can be ready.
BM: Well like still shouldn’t he just carry some like fried chicken-
KM: Yea- like- like- yea like the thing about his quirk is that like like it seems to have unlimited options.
BM: hmm that sounds very weird now that I think about it.
KM: It kind of does actually doesn’t it.
BM: Where did he get his name Sun Eater?
KM: Sun Eater like I forgot- they say it in the manga, but I forgot how.
BM: What about the girl what’s- oh yea her names is like…
KM: Nejire? I’m not sure how to pronounce her name like Nejire-chan?
BM: [whispers] Nejire-chan. I like her she’s very like perky I guess.
KM: Cute?
BM: Yea cute too.
KM: It’s a sh- a shame she doesn’t get much spotlight, much spotlight than the others.
BM: I know yea. But I like her.
KM: [whispers] She’s cute I’ll admit.
BM: [sigh] Yea. Um what about what’s her f- name the one with the horns and the-  Erie?
KM: Erie?
BM: Erie, there you go. I just got to say dude she probably has the best quirk out of them all.
KM: Yea she probably has one of the most-
BM: I mean if she learns how to use it she could bring people back from the dead.
KM: Yea maybe that’s some of the storage cause-  cause think about it the body, but not the soul.
BM: Um oh dude that sounds super dark.
KM: I know like- like for her- I thought that should would rewind something like- like the corpse would go back to its original state, but it wouldn’t be alive like the conscious would be gone or the soul or something.
BM: Wait.
KM: So basically it- basically it- it be a body with no consciousness just like some- it basically just- just be- just be- just be like- it basically just be nothing but meat, bones, and veins.
BM: But what about this what if like someone is dying and they have like cancer or something could she like-
KM: Oh yea.
BM: Yea dude she could heal people.
KM: Oh yea. Oh Ye- yea-yea but she- but she needs to be careful because when she rewinds it can’t go back.
BM: So like she just looks at them and like the longer she kind of uses her quirk the more they go back to their original state?
KM: Ye- something like that.
BM: [whispers] I mean.Well if that’s true she could’ve saved that Night-Eye dude.
KM: She- prehap- but sh- but she’s in no condition to do that. She has no control over her quirk right now.
BM: But still she should’ve had used it.
KM: No- no- sh- sh- she never had the option she was literary sh- sh- they literary used her like like experiment as or something they need to get like get her skin and blood
BM: Dude you’re making it. Omg. Why are you making her the victim dude?
KM: Cause she is a victim.
BM: Miriro literary lost his quirk trying to save her
KM: Expect they’re both victims.
BM: I mean I’m just saying she should learn how to use it if she really cares about
 these kids.
KM: She’s a kid she’s gone through trauma sh- her- she’s broken.
BM: Like how was she when he- when she rewind her parents like out of-
KM: Like four.
BM: Four?
KM: Yea.
BM: I mean like that’s not that young.
KM; Ye- ye- ye- De- Deku followed Bakugo all the way when he was four.
BM: hmm.
KM: When I was four I would just run around.
BM: Hmm.
KM: The mind is still new- it’s still new to the world.
BM: And what’s with the horn?
KM: Like we don’t know- like- like Erie’s quirk mutation as far as I know. I think that’s where her power comes from.
BM: And I think it- I read somewhere that like the more she uses her quirk the more the bigger it gets.
KM: Something like that.
BM: So, like it’s weird she only has one horn or will she grow another one?
KM: Like I don’t know like- I think she uh I don’t think so.
BM: Hmm. What about that dude that like pretends to be her father?
KM: Aizawa?
BM: No the other dude the scary one.
KM: Overhaul?
BM: Yea what’s his quirk?
KM: Like- like-like I forgot what it’s called but basically he- he can destroy things- he can destroy things and rearranged them. Like he can- like he can destroy this bed and rearranged it into something else.
BM: Hmmm. I thought it was gonna be something with like diseases and stuff.
KM: Hm. I mean- I mean no- but not really like he can destroy and rearranged as long as he touches it with his right hands I think?
BM: So can he like touch someone and kind of like rearranged their body?
KM: Like I mean I think he could but most of the time- I think yea I think he could but most of the time he- he- he just destroys it.
BM: Hmmm.Very interesting.[smacking lips]. Oh yea does he join the hero league?
KM: Hero league?
BM: No. The Villain League.
KM: No he doesn’t. He’s- he’s like in his own league.
BM: His own league? Oh yea what about that other dude that helps him?
KM: The – the it’s- it’s like a group of people but they’re like eight mains one I think.
BM: So like they only got one and there’s more?
KM: Like- like elf [he met overhaul] is the leader- the leader, but there are other groups I think. I forgot their names but there are like eight others.
BM: Hmm. And what about that one that like- the one that like- the one that bought- that brought all the toys for Erie?
KM: I think that was also Overhaul.
BM: No. It was this dude I forgot I don’t know.
KM: Oh yea I think he was just like a garud or something.
BM: Hmm. I don’t like him-
KM: He was a minor character as far as I know. Actually he might’ve not be I don’t remember.
BM: How old is Erie?
KM: She’s like five or six right now.
BM: Yea this seems like enough thank you.
KM: K- k- k- k- Your welcome.
BM: Yay.
KM: Yay.