“At some point I didn’t think I could make it into college.”


Henry Suarez

Anahi Garcia before her senior prom.

Interview audio

Anahi Garcia is now in her second year of college. Anahi went to Cal State Los Angeles after high school.

She also went to Animo Jefferson and then attended Animo Ralph Bunche in high school. So she knows some current teachers from both schools.

Anahi talks about how she reached where she today. She also talks about her transition from high school to college and the changes that come with it.




Henry Suarez: All right. Hello, my name is Henry  and I’m interviewing my sister. Alright. Okay. So the first question is how would your life be different in a year?


Anahi Garcia: My life might drastically change within a year because hopefully within a year I started nursing school because this year, starting today, October 1st I will start applying to various nursing schools and hoping to get into one so I could start officially next semester, um, for the fall of 2020.


HS: Um, have you ever thought about getting a career change? Like not being a nurse?


AG: Um, for now, no. I’ve been sticking to the plan of getting my BSN. Um, that’s been my goal since sophomore year of high school and I hope to pursue it soon. 


HS: Okay. So the next question is what are you grateful for?


AG: I am grateful for many things, but primarily I am grateful for my family education and I’m grateful for all of the achievements that I’ve done so far throughout all of my two years in college.


HS:Are there any achievements you’re especially proud of? 


AG: Um, yes. I’ve been, I’m proud of being in the [inaudible] list in college. My first year of college. Being in the [Inaudible] list is actually very meaningful to me because it shows how hardworking I’ve been and my hard work actually does pays off.


HS:When you’re not learning  what do you do for fun? 


AG: Mm. I usually don’t have much free time for myself, but when I do, I like to go out with my family like to just rest and not look at any work and just keep my mind off. 


HS: All right. So the next question is, since you’re the oldest sibling of all of us, do you have a favorite memory of any of us? Me or Mari?


AG:Favorite memory? I have a lot of memories. I think my favorite memory of you and Marilyn would be maybe, um, I think when we went to six flags, since it was all of us together or maybe when we went camping together, probably that was one of my favorite memories because we spend time together, um, in the, in nature without any electronics, without any service. And it was just us hiking actually interacting more. 


HS:How did you get you are today?


AG: Hm, well I got here where I am today thanks to um, all of my achievements. Again, my, I think my achievements brought me to where I am today because if I didn’t really work hard since the beginning I wouldn’t be here. I think putting effort into all of your work actually gets you pretty far and actually just being positive and having that mindset that you’re going to do something and actually do it and take actions will actually get you to wherever you want. 


HS:How was the transition from high school to college? Was it difficult for you?


AG: Personally,It wasn’t hard for me because since high school I’ve always been very prepared. I’ve kind of tried not to procrastinate because procrastination is not really my thing. So from high school to college it wasn’t really complicated. I think the only complicated part aside, not you’re more independent, you don’t have to depend on professors and it’s your responsibility to actually, um, keep track of the work when it’s due. When you have exams and is, and you actually get to choose the time you want to go to class. If you’re a morning person like me, you’ll take classes in the morning and I think that’s just the hardest part in college. You have to be responsible and attend class. You, everything’s that. 


HS: Did You ever think you couldn’t make it to college?


AG:Um, at some point. Yeah, because I’m thinking of college makes it. Um, makes it seem like it’s hard, but in reality it’s not hard. It’s just that, um, it’s just a lot of, um, stops into going to college. There’s applications, there’s um, transcripts you know your turn in. But in general it’s not really hard. But at some point I did think to myself that I wasn’t going to make it, but actually did. 


HS:Speaking of college, do you think that Mari  or me can make it to college.


AG:Of course you guys are pretty smart and um, you, anyone is capable of going to college. Doesn’t matter if it’s a community college, uh, uh, Cal State or UC or private, anyone can make everyone pretty smart to going to college. It’s just that is school for you. You go to school. So I hope you and Marilin one day follow my footsteps and actually go to college and do what you guys like to do. 


HS: Alright, Anyways Thank you for helping me with my interview and well, that’s the end.