What Student Council is like at AJCMS


Student Council members helping other students during a rally in the gym.

Student Council is a group of students from across all three grades that help out with school activities and they come together to expand their ideas and get creative. They help out the school by making upcoming fun events, making bulletin boards that have important dates, and also making important announcements on the speaker. 

Three eighth grade Student Council members, Arleth Santana, Laura Estrada, and Alejandro Reyes, shared their experiences about Student Council. 

Laura Estrada said, “I wanted to join Student Council to make the school a better place and help out on bulletin boards.”

By students coming together, they put their ideas together and work together to make the school a better place. 

“I think the school is more organized with Student Council because we get to split the work between each other and we each have a job like the bulletin boards, posters, or power points,” said Laura.

The key to being a good student council member is to be productive and use your time efficiently so you can get work done by coming together and working with other student council members.   

“Some advice is always find something to do to be productive in Student Council advisory and when helping in events so it can be more smooth,” said Alejandro Reyes.

By joining student council, students have a changed perspective on their own actions and behavior.  It makes students more mature and more responsible. 

“Joining student council didn’t change my behavior because I don’t cause trouble, but it changed my perspective and attitude to look at things a different way,” Alejandro mentioned. Additionally, Arleth Santana said, “Well, Student Council made me realize that being in problems is not worth time because it made me more responsible and helped me show my leader qualities.”

Additionally, you need to meet some requirements in able to get into student council.

Arleth said, “The requirements for student council are a 3.0 or higher, no D’s or F’s, and a limit on demerits.”

If you do not keep up with some expectations during the year, you can get kicked out.

“Yes, you can get kicked out of student council. It’s like baseball: three strikes and you’re out. The ways to get a strike are getting three demerits in a month and having less then a 3.00 GPA for three weeks,” said Alejandro.

Student council members’ experiences have been fun for them and helped them grow because they have had new experiences with friends, by helping plan out events, and also making the school a fun place for students. 

Laura said, “I think Student Council is good for students because they get to help out and make the school a better place. A piece of advice is to keep your grades up and to not get demerits.”