JMS Winner: Numerous Women…

Yarelli Baez

Yarelli Baez

Why do women feel…

Sorrow inside,

Empty inside,

Infuriated inside,

Despairing on the outside,

Anxious on the outside,

And fear on the outside?


There are two completely different genders in this world

Male and Female

On the outside they are polar opposites

But inside their heart, they know they should have common rights

But they don’t.


Numerous women agree and believe

That they are not destined to be

Numerous women say

“Why can’t we all be treated the same way?”

Numerous women want and need

Various rights and to be freed.


Back then,

Several men used to suppose,

“Even impoverished men should have more rights than those.’’

So many women missed out on getting an education

In which, inside, grew and bubbled the female’s frustration

So many women missed out on getting a career

which made them shed a tear.

So many women couldn’t give a voice to their opinions or beliefs

Knowing that there were severe consequences for women,

Made them accept their own defeats.


Every woman is a victim of not getting their own rights

Even if you don’t notice or see it

Knowing that this is true,

Various women didn’t forget about this issue.


Sojourner Truth declared the famous speech, “Ain’t I a Woman?”

It made them sound more human.



Lucretia Mott helped founded the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society and protected women’s suffrage

And so played an important role since it led to women’s rights coverage.


Susan B. Anthony formed the National Woman Suffrage Association, to push for a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote

In which she devoted her life to slavery and gender equality in which she wrote.


Lucy Stone contributed to the cause of women’s rights through the newspaper called The Women’s Journal

This newspaper was an example of authority and women in which was seen as external.


Alice Paul advocated for and helped secure passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

The 19th Amendment is an important rule of the Constitution to note.


Some still say women shouldn’t be heard because men are more hardworking than them

You really believe men are the only hardworking ones?

Did you not think Harriet Tubman was hardworking?

Did you not think Hellen Keller was working hard or struggling despite her loss in vision and hearing?


Some people don’t see the necessity to see clearly or don’t bother to ask how women feel

Do you think we are not trying to make others appeal?

Various women feel discriminated, not because of their skin or age, but for their own gender

And I don’t want to be the only one seen as a women’s public defender.


I want all women to be their own public defender

Because if you can’t defend your own gender, the body you were born into, your own identity as an independent female,

You really think you are proving those discriminators wrong?

You are actually giving them more reason to discriminate against you.



People still discriminate against a woman and see them as a housemaid or a proper servant

Can’t you see that we are humans and people too

We don’t want to make this situation worsen

At least we don’t have as many problems to be disappointed about

Like women now have the right to vote and to get an education

But some women still have the feeling of doubt.


Numerous women today feel they still don’t get as much freedom and rights as much as men do

I do agree with that too.

Numerous women feel they already have gained what they wanted like the voting right

Which is why they now complete tasks that unite.


Numerous women say

“We are finally being treated with respect and in the same way”



Why do women feel…

blessed inside,

delighted inside,

satisfactory inside

proud on the outside

useful on the outside

and positive on the outside?


Because of all of those who defended and fought for the rights of women

Because women know they deserve the same rights for freedom of men

Because women are also human

And because of this we will never forget about those who fought for them.