Which is the better gaming console?


Red is Switch blue is Ps4 green is Xbox yellow is PC

As the gaming community argues about what gaming console is the best one, all have benefits but also downfalls. Some consoles may have better cooling, better frames per second or other qualities, or just have better games to play on. The most popular systems amongst “gamers” are the Ps4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. I asked gamers which console they thought was best, and they all had something to say about this topic.

Overall, let’s start off with some background info with all the gaming consoles. The Xbox was first introduced on November 21, 2001, owned by Microsoft and has different versions of the Xbox.  As for the Playstation, owned by Sony, the Playstation 1 was released on December 3, 1994, and worldwide by 1995, six to seven years before the Xbox was released. As for a gaming PC, the first just designed to play a game was Nimrod, made in 1951.  Last, the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017.

There were many opinions on what is the best console. Eighth grader Jose Valdovinos said, “I own a PC and a Ps4. Obviously the PC is better since there’s much more space, much better quality, the mouse and keyboard to move around better, and there are many more games, but I use my Ps4 more since more people have that then a PC.’’

“I own an Xbox and it doesn’t really matter what console people have as long as it’s not a statdia,’’says eighth grader Andrew Ayala. A statdia is a lesser known gaming platform made and operated by Google where you can play it on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV, which is something new as its more open to different devices. It may sound nice but doesn’t give a wide variety of games.

However, Edwin Coxaj believes, “I really think Ps4 is better because you don’t need to waste money on batteries and buy Xbox live for the Xbox.  With PC, you need to spend the money on the PC so you can have the monitor, keyboard and mouse and to see if you have a good enough one to even process the data and stuff, while Ps4 it’s pretty affordable.  Nothing too crazy or cheap, easy to understand and use, and just is better to play with friends,  as I know from experience and many of my friends may agree.’’

Eighth grader Joseph Alvarez thinks, “In my opinion, the best console is the Nintendo Switch because it has kid-friendly games such as Mario and other Nintendo characters that everyone loves and can keep people entertained, and it also can be connected to a TV like the Ps4.’’

To sum up, all of the reviews from students based on the best console demonstrate that there is no superior gaming console. It all really depends on what you’re looking for when getting the console. For example, if you want to get into competitive gaming go for PC but if you just want to have fun and get something more affordable, get any other console.