Overwatch: 2016 Game of The Year

Tracer is a main character, she is the main icon of the game. She was also one of the first characters to be put in the game.


Tracer is a main character, she is the main icon of the game. She was also one of the first characters to be put in the game.

Have you ever heard about Overwatch? If you haven’t, maybe you’ve heard the names Tracer, D.va, or Widowmaker? If that still doesn’t ring the bell then let me tell you all about it. Overwatch is a first person shooter video game that was announced in 2014 at Blizzcon and released in 2016 for PC and console.


The game was successful and won the game of year award. It was played and viewed by millions, songs and fan art were made including “No Mercy,” also known as “I Wanna be Tracer”. One of their most iconic characters is D.va, who is a Meka pilot in the game and is loved by many for her love for pink bunnies and video games.  The game now has 4.2 stars because of recent changes that made some audiences unhappy, but many still play the game. 


The game consists of two teams who have to fight to hold an objective or escort a vehicle called a payload to the other side of the map. There is a timer and whoever holds the objective the longest or moves the payload furthest wins the game. This game requires teamwork and good strategy. There are three roles for each team. There is the support, the tank, and the damage. Support’s job is to provide healing, boost, or utility. They are basically the medic for their group and must be protected at all times because they are most of the time the main target, Like Mercy or Lucio.


Tank’s job is to protect teammates with a shield or barrier. Heroes like Reinhardt and Zarya are tanks. They also are distractions to help their teammates do their jobs and they take care of crowd control such as Wrecking Ball and Winston do.


Damage is a role every overwatch player wants to play. Their job is to seek out enemies and eliminate them. Some heroes like Ashe and Widowmaker’s jobs are to stay on high ground behind their tanks and snipe enemies below. They are mostly put in the open, but some hide in the shadows to sneak up behind the enemy and eliminate them such as Sombra and Reaper. 


I started playing this game at the start of 2020 and I absolutely adore this game and it’s universe. The game is really challenging but I’m getting better at it with the help of my uncle, who has played it since its release. The game is fun and it’s stories and characters are fantastic as well.


The characters that are playable in Overwatch are all from different parts of the world like Mexico, Korea, Africa, and Germany to name a few. Each character has their own unique look and personality.


There are also LGBTQ+ characters like Tracer and Soldier 76. A lot of fans were not happy about this reveal, but there were also people who were relieved and felt connected to these characters. Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily who she lives with in Kings Row. There is a series of comics coming out soon that will go deeper into their lives and relationship. Soldier 76 has an ex-boyfriend named Vincent. The developers also stated that they will reveal more lgbtq+ characters in the future. 



The main story of Overwatch is about three friends who join a soldier enhancement program. Their names are Gabriel, Ana, and Jack. Gabriel M. Reyes is a Latino soldier from Los Angeles, Ana Amari is an Egyptian soldier from Cairo, and John (Jack) F. Morrison is an American soldier from Bloomington, Indiana. 



They were good friends and led Overwatch for thirty years until Gabriel started acting strange and breaking the law. Jack had a special relationship with Gabriel and didn’t want his best friend to get into trouble. Ana then ran away and faked her death leaving her daughter Fareeha (aka Pharah, who is a playable hero in the game) with her dad, then Gabriel and Jack got into a fight. Before though Gabriel killed a person who was respected by everyone but was also secretly capturing people and trying to gain an army named Talon. Citizens wanted Overwatch to be shut down.


The fight between Gabriel and Jack triggered an explosion in the lab. Both soldiers were pronounced dead and Overwatch was gone. The three friends were no more. Jack and Ana hide in Egypt and look for their ex- friend Gabriel. Gabriel is now an assassin that works for Talon.









But there are other members of Overwatch who are trying to bring the soldiers back together. 


The story will continue in 2021 when Overwatch 2 is released.

This game is awesome and I recommend it for gamers who are good with teamwork and strategy, If easily angered, you might want to skip this one out. But if you can handle the pressure in this game when trying to work with others and defeating an enemy then this game is just for you! 

There are many heroes to choose from, There is a hero for everyone! A hero that everyone can master and relate to. I give this game 4/5 stars because I rage a lot when I play this game. But it is still my favorite game for these reasons.