Minecraft: the best game ever

Its a very special game.

What's happening here is Steve is playing with bees.

What’s happening here is Steve is playing with bees.

Minecraft for others was just a regular game but for people like me it was much more that that. Minecraft is a game where you can be you! If you like to create music out of resources from games, in Minecraft you can craft music. If you’re a hardcore player that likes action you can create  a hardcore world where there are endless battles. Or just try to find a game where you can build whatever your brain desires.


Minecraft is a game millions s of people play every day. I was six when I first played Minecraft and I just fell in love with it. Today, I still play it with my friends. When I was a little kid I would guts build everything, from a roller coaster to a jumper made out of slime. Minecraft introduced me to the gaming community and I loved it. Even today there is a lot of love going around for Minecraft.


I would recommend this game to the people who like to play with friends, like action, people who like to build or do Redstone. Minecraft is such a good game and I’m happy it is a part of who I am today.  I’m not the only one who started doing what they liked. For example Mr. Beast’s first YouTube video (before he took it down) was Minecraft. Pewdiepie  was going big when he played Minecraft. Even Lazerbeam got number one trending with Minecraft. So many people we love have played Minecraft that is what makes the game what it is today.


Minecraft is a special. Its not like Fortnite or like Zombie Survival which have only one agenda: to survive. Minecraft has zombies and hunger games so it has the things of those two games and more. Minecraft has made history no one thought would happen: that a game with blocks would be so addictive. So many people play Minecraft, from my five year-old sisters to some 60 year old Youtuber. There is a bit of Minecraft inside every one of us. You can go to anyone and tell them if they have heard of Minecraft and they will say yes.


In my opinion I would say Minecraft can easily win game of the year or better, the game of the century. Recent studies show that Minecraft has around two billion players online each day.  That is a lot compared to Fortnite, with only around 536 million-600 million daily players. This is why Minecraft is so special.