Criminal Mind studies the most twisted criminal minds of the country before they strike again

A show that will make you think differently.


Criminal Minds revolves around an elite team of FBI profilers who study the most twisted criminal minds of the country before they strike again, predicting their next steps. They study their history and outsmart the perpetrators. You don’t really get to know a lot about the life of the FBI agents because it focuses on the actions and the backstories to why these crimes are committed by the perpetrators.

Criminal Minds is a really fascinating show. Furthermore, the show consists of several different events and each episode is usually a different case. I not only enjoy it, but when I am older, it encourages me to become an investigator. Each person on the FBI team has a different purpose. Some study the actions of criminals and some are profilers. Each person has their advantages because in each scenario, some help a lot based on their position. 

I recommend this show to people who find interest in criminal cases and people who are willing to stick with shows because it has 12 seasons, with over 20 episodes each season. This show is also recommended for individuals who do not have a busy schedule, as it takes a lot of time to finish the show. Also, I recommend this show to people that aren’t easily disturbed by blood because it shows the crime scenes. Even though the blood is fake, some might find it disturbing to watch. Criminal Minds not only shows blood but is a long-running series of criminal trials full of brutal, realistic representations of crime, including torture, massacres, and gruesome killings. Lastly, you should watch this show because it is not only interesting but it opens your eyes to what people are capable of and how you can avoid being in that position.