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Someone trying to commit suicide.

Facts about suicide

Eulalia Baltazar, staff writer
December 24, 2023
Eddies school ID picture

Eduardo Trujillo

Jay Zuniga, staff writer
March 25, 2023
What is body shaming?

What is body shaming?

Kasandra Moran, staff writer
December 16, 2022
Mental health awareness ribbon

Mental health awareness

Desteny Aldana-Fierro, staff writer
December 16, 2022
How a person with anorexia perceives themself.

What is anoerxia nervosa?

Aracely Ramirez, staff writer
December 15, 2022
Angela is at Starbucks with her friends Bri and Ten.

Angela Hernandez

Adam Garcia, staff writer
September 14, 2022
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