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Why healthy mental health matters

A picture that represents mental health.

In the world, many people may be suffering or have previously suffered from mental health challenges, but many may wonder how it affects us? Since our mental health helps us with stress and to make healthy choices, it’s really important since it can affect us either positively or negatively. 


Strong mental health: positive effects  

When people think of mental health, they may be thinking of mental illness and the problems of mental health. However, mental health isn’t a negative thing for someone since the effects healthy mental health can give are actually positive.

According to heathywa, the effects of having healthy mental health is being able to appreciate things like life and others. Being able to appreciate life and others is a good thing to have since then you’ll be able to be grateful for the things in your life and memories you have and make with others.

Also according to healthdirect.gov another positive effect of healthy mental health is being able to make relationships with others. Being able to make relationships is good since you’ll be able to have conversations with people and if you need help, the people you make a relationship with will help you. Also, an effect of healthy mental health is being able to deal with the difficult things in life. 


Poor mental health: negative effects

Mental illness is a part of the negative side of mental health. It’s a health problem that affects our thinking, behavior, and our interactions with others. Because mental illness affects our mind, it affects us significantly.

According to  Samhsa, mental illness can affect our thinking by making our thoughts suicidal. This usually leads to depression. Like our thinking, our behavior is affected negatively since mental health problems causes many people to lash out and cause arguments with others.

Mental illness can also change our behavior by leading people to experience extreme mood swings or to have little to no energy to complete tasks.

Our interactions with others would also be affected, since poor mental health may make people overly aggressive.

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