Technology could be revolutionary for the environment, people, and jobs

Technology could be revolutionary for the environment, people, and jobs

Hello, my name is Eduardo Teodores Mercado, and I’ve something to say. Over the years technology has been progressing more and more, which is good because it could be revolutionary to the environment, people, and jobs.

First of all, tech has come a long way, from first being a telephone that could only be accessed at home, to phones being carried around calling, texting, and playing games. Tech advanced so fast that we are now able to be in the virtual world with a device that is called the Oculus Quest 2. The Oculus Quest 2 is a console that can be access through internet and online. The Oculus can be used to play, be interactive with people, and expand your creativity by challenging you brain to be more active while playing a video game. I have an Oculus Quest and I can personally say that it works really well and, with some minor adjustments, it could be so great and so fun to interact with people.

Talking about interacting, this brings me into my new topic, jobs. Jobs of course are in real life but with the addition with the Oculus, people might have a chance of doing real jobs in VR. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the Oculus and Facebook, said that VR is going to be the future of the internet and could be one of the most greatest technological advancement made yet. But we still have a long way to go until we can walk outside without moving a foot out of your door.

Technology could also be used in the real world to help out our environment. I saw in a news article that some people created a machine that got carbon dioxide pollution from the air and converted it into a rock (with the texture of a rock). This could be helpful because of all the CO2 emissions going around the world from greenhouse gasses or factories. Once we figure how to stop pollution entirely with technology, I could say that the air would be better to breathe in. I can say that when I grow up, I will be trying to help the world and environment.

In conclusion, technology has helped us along the way of our lives and could still help us if we just put our minds to it. I can say once this pandemic is over, we could make more advancements. My name is Eduardo Teodores Mercado and that’s what I’ve got to say.