My Journey and How Far I Have Come 2022

Covid cases were falling and things were getting better. Then Green Dot officials announced school was reopening and with this news I was excited to see friends and teachers, but was surprised to see so many new faces. 

During this time we went back to school I felt like I had things to do and was not bored anymore with all the work. Also I started to do new hobbies such as walking outside with my dog and learning to solve a Rubik’s cube and learned new things about myself and how different I am from last year, like I was really lazy but now I feel like I have more energy to do things like taking out the trash.

But still since we are in a school we have to wear a face mask and have to put on hand sanitizer, which was annoying, but still things were looking up. But as the end of the year starts to roll up around the corner, the closer me and my classmates start to realize that in less than a year we will be in ninth grade.