Life After quarantine

Because of the pandemic and the large number of people who became diagnosed with Covid, the government place us under quarantine. As a result, people were unable to go out often. However, since it is no longer necessary to have be in quarantine, many individuals, including myself, gave gone our more regularly. This involved visiting new locations and meeting new individuals.


This was taken on April 8 after going to Santa Monica with my cousin on our bikes which took us about an hour to get to.


This picture was taken on February 21 when we went to Little Tokyo on our bikes, which was a bit far. The person shown is my cousin waving at me for no reason.

This image was taken on may 31 on a field trip to Golf-n-Stuff. The person shown is Richard Perez and he was playing golf all alone.

I took this picture on February 12 when I went bike riding with my cousins to downtown in the night.

This is a picture with Mr. G. He is a staff member at Animo Jefferson Middle School who always keeps the community safe for everyone.

This is an image that I took of the view from the top of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook located in Culver City. This was taken during spring break on April 18.

This picture was taken from the top of a building in downtown Los Angeles