After being quarantined

Due to Covid about 91% percent of the world went on lockdown in March of 2019. Many of us were scared to go out because of the virus. Sone people enjoyed being quarantined and others didn’t. But now everything is different. It’s not obligatory to stay home anymore so now we can go out like we used to.

I am waiting for my friend Esli to finish tying her shoe while we are at Six Flags, Magic Mountain. (Alexandra Colindres)


I took this on May 31 at Golf-n-Stuff. It’s a really pretty view from there. (Alexandra Colindres)


I took this picture March 21, 2022. This was after school and you can see how everyone still has to wear their mask to avoid getting Covid. (Alexandra Colindres)


I came to the Santa Monica Pier with my family and we saw a seal swimming nearby. People were feeding it bait they were using to catch fish. (Alexandra Colindres )


My parents took my siblings and I to the Azusa River. I also took this picture of my dog while he was walking around sniffing everything. (Alexandra Colindres)


We’re leaving the river and my dog is enjoying the air. (Alexandra Colindres )


I’m taking pictures of the view and caught this one off guard of my cousin. (Alexandra Colindres)