“Don’t be lazy. Do what you gotta do.”


Fernando's Mom

A picture of Fernando before he went to prom.

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Fernando Macias is an 18-year-old who recently graduated from high school. He is a hard working person who wants to accomplish his dreams to become a chef.

In this interview he talks about his family, how school was for him, and what he plans to do with his life. He also talks about how his childhood was for him growing up.



Rolando Guerrero: What’s your name?
Fernando Macias: Fernando Macias.
RG: Would you change anything about our experience growing up?
FM: Uh probably if I could fix something , something to do with you know education and how it is nowadays. In the school I feel like in a sense, me being a graduate I feel like it kinda failed me but that’s it. Just the education system.
RG: What do you admire most about our mom?
FM: How growing up she’s had to do most of what she did, alone and even now how she’s still doing it alone, raising six kids.
RG: What’s something you wish you could have told uh all your brothers when we were kids?
FM: Uh honestly just to keep trying, to not give up, don’t be lazy, don’t be like everybody else in the family, you know.
RG: How– how could your brother have been better siblings to you when they– when we were growing up?
FM: I don’t think they could have been better, it’s just whatever they were doing they were doing it you know, their best, they were doing it how they wanted to, so.
RG: Uh what’s your favorite childhood memory of all your brothers?
FM: Hmm, my favorite childhood memory, honestly I can’t really name one, it’s just growing up alongside them.
RG: Uhh, what’s– what’s the worst fight you ever had with your brothers?
FM: Hmm, I can’t remember, it wasn’t an actual “fight” fight, but when we were younger we would usually play fight and two of the oldest ones teamed up on me and I’m not gonna lie they– they hit me pretty good.
RG: Were you ever bullied? Or did you ever bully anyone?
FM: No, I’m not a bully and I don’t get bullied I’ma just leave it at that.
RG: What are your brother’s most annoying habits? Or qualities?
FM: Ohh, if I had to list all of them… lemme see the second oldest don’t listen, the third oldest don’t listen, the fourth oldest don’t listen, uh my sister don’t listen and the youngest don’t listen.
RG: What memory of your brothers still makes you laugh?
FM: Uh, I can’t really, again, name a specific memory. There’s a bunch that make me laugh that I remember of.
RG: Do you think our parents had a favorite kid?
FM: Yea, me.
RG: Why?
FM: Cause I’m the oldest, I’m the best.
RG: What was your biggest insecurity as a teenager?
FM: Uhh, probably had to do with school, just not being able to, you know pass my classes, that was it I just felt really, I don’t wanna say dumb but not intelligent growing up through my teenage years.
RG: If you had a Saturday with no plans how would you spend it?
FM: If I had no money I would probably just watch movies, relax… you know do something at home. If I had money, I like going out, I like buying things, I like going out with friends.
RG: What event in your life has had the most significant impact on you?
FM: Umm, probably my graduation cause that’s kinda when I realized, you know I’m done with school I’m moving onto a new chapter and that was pretty recent too, so.
RG: What is your biggest worry, currently?
FM: My biggest worry, you know I got a plan for what I’ma do when I grow up but I kinda have to start, you know somewhere and right now I’m not sure where I’ma start… I just gotta get that down.
RG: Where’s a place you wish you could visit for a few months?
FM: Um, hmm, I think a place I would want to visit for a few months, probably somewhere abroad, can’t really name where but it’d be nice to travel.
RG: Do you consider yourself successful?
FM: I mean, hmm, I’m not gonna say I’m above everybody else but I’ma say there is people below me, so I’ma leave it at that.
RG: Uh, wha– do you have any hidden talents?
FM: I don’t think so, I mean one thing is that I’ma really fast learner, I guess that, that’s it,
RG: What is one thing you do to manage stress?
FM: [Yawns] Hmm, I just listen to music.
RG: What is something you wish more people knew about you.
FM: Nothing, just nothing.
RG: What’s a mean comment someone made about you that stuck with you to this day?
FM: They said I was dumb, I was lazy.
RG: What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?
FM: The most rebellious thing I ever done… was get a tattoo.
RG: When do you feel the most confident?
FM: Uh, everyday honestly, everyday you know, ain’t nobody gonna love you like you love yourself.
RG: If salary and experience didn’t matter what job would you want… the most?
FM: Umm, [Yawns] probably something to do with science, maybe in like bi- biology field cause I really like science, or if not something with cooking, like culinary cause that’s a passion of mine.
RG: How do you feel about getting older?
FM: I mean I’m still young, I got a bunch of years before you know, even my own brothers start calling me old but… it’s nothing stressful and it’s not scary, you know it happens to everybody.
RG: As a kid growing up did you think you would have had a lot of brothers?
FM: No, I just thought it was gonna be me and the two oldest, then the other three popped out.
RG: Did you want to have brothers or would you rather have been an only child?
FM: [Yawns] I think the first three… would have been cool but then, I’m not saying I don’t like the last three but they were just a bit of a surprise but I still love them, I love all of em.
RG: Do you think it’s hard taking care of your brothers sometimes?
FM: Yea definitely, Sometimes whe– I’m not gonna say I ever wouldn’t take care of em, but it’s kind of a struggle especially where I’m at right now… cause it’s hard even taking care of myself sometimes.
RG: If you could tell your brothers one important thing they would remember forever what would it be?
FM: Don’t be lazy, Do what you gotta do, finish whatever you’re doing in school and then once school is done, get you– get your stuff done, get your rap down, make money.
RG: What do you think you’ll be doing in ten years?
FM: Uh, like I said I don’t know how I’ma start but [yawns] later on in life… Um, you know I plan to be successful so in ten years if I’m not already successful, I’ma be getting up there.
RG: Thank you for your time.