“My whole childhood that was just like, I don’t think I was ever happy, I was just there.”

I talked with a nonth grader named Karma Oscal who is about to turn 14 this month (in October).

Karma talked about what he likes to do, what he likes and dislikes about school, his childhood, his interest, and much more. One of his favorite hobbies is skating he talks about how he enjoys skating but also talks about how it made him want to quit.

Karma used to attend AJMS and during those days in eighth grade he lost a special person he used to be so close with but lost due to reasons he might not be comfortable sharing, and he talks about how that has affected him and how he feels.

Karma also talks about some life and family issues, he talks about how his mother and his older sister make him feel or think that he didn’t grow up as the bright energetic kid they thought he would become they say he didn’t change for the better instead the opposite.



Adam Garcia: Today is October uh 7 it’s a Friday uh it’s 2:19 , and I am here with Karma Oscal, so tell me a little bit facts about yourself.
Karma Oscal: Uh I play guitar and I skate.
AG: Do you know any tricks?
KO: I can do a shuvit, uh milkshake, and an ollie.
AG: That’s so cool, that’s so awesome so chill [laughs] so if you were to have a billion dollars what would you invest it in?
KO: Clothes and my guitar..like just buy a guitar or some [explicit].
AG: What’s something you are interested in doing or something you already do that brings you joy?
KO: Skating.
AG: Why?
KO: Cuz it’s like…fun I guess you can do it during stuff.
AG: Uh how’s high school so far do you enjoy or hate it and can you explain why?
KO: It’s okay cuz you have to write a lot but it’s like the same thing as 8th grade.
AG: Interesting, Is there anything you are dealing with that you would like to let others know or warn them about?
KO: Last year like a month before like I started 8th grade and everything I stopped being friends with one of my like close friends I guess I think I met her in second grade but like yeah I grew up with her and everything and she was like, she was always there for me and stuff so like she was the one that made me like feel safe I guess cuz like bro I was like my whole childhood that was just like I don’t think I was ever happy I was just there and like meeting her made me like I guess she was the first person to make me feel happy and her not being in my life anymore like sucks cuz I like cant talk to her about stuff so like we used to do like now I guess I do alone and I kinda just like you know cant have a normal conversation with her anymore cuz of stuff so that’s hard I guess.
AG: So that affects you?
KO: Yeah cuz…well she’s not..she’s a good person cuz she was always there for me and everything she was the only person that understood me and like the only person like I actually cared for, and I went through everything with her so like yeah [laughs] her not being in my life anymore it sucks cuz like she was- she was like a big part of my life for like I guess my whole life bruh so it hurts cuz like now I see pictures of her especially like from my friends cuz my friends are friends with her, one of my closest friends are friends with her so he shows me pictures of her changing like in her style and her cutting her hair and stuff and like the way she talks now and everything and it sucks cuz like I can’t like see it from like my own perspective and see her like change and like grow and stuff so that sucks and it hurts.
AG: Bros gonna make me cry [laughs] um uh can you describe a time when you were happy.
KO: [laughs] I don’t remember.
AG: Okay, uh what’s something you would like to be known for?
KO: Bruh i’m already known for like the kid with spiky hair.
AG: Oh yeah the kid with- the emo kid.
KO: Yeah the emo kid with spiky hair so I guess like that I guess cuz that was kinda cool not even gonna lie.
AG: Look, it’s Kar the emo kid.
KO: Yeah oh my god the kid with spiky hair .
AG: Um if you could be anyone or anything what would you be- what or who would you be?
KO: I’d be a doberman like a dog doberman because those are cool they’re cool bruh they got spiky ears.
AG: I thought monkeys were cool?  
KO: I’d be a monkey too because they like swing around trees and stuff.
AG: Fake monkey fan, um…is there any subject you are interested in school?
KO: Uh… college [inaudible] I guess like I don’t even think I’ma go to college but like the class is just like cool I guess like it talks about a lot of different stuff and like the [explicit] [laughs] of the stuff to like enter college and like the GPA and stuff so I guess that’s cool knowing.
AG: [laughs] Do you think you will use it in life?
KO: No.
AG: No?
KO: No [laughs].
AG: Why not?
KO: Cuz bruh like I said I don’t even know if i’ma go to college.
AG: But what if you do?
KO: Well then it sucks for me cuz like that’s kinda sad cuz like.
AG: You don’t wanna go to college?
KO: No cuz like I’m already stressed out like so many years of school like normal school like high school middle school stuff and now you’re just gonna add another four years like I get it people want jobs but if you are already really stressed out and you’re just gonna add like another two years or four like to be more stressed out? Especially on it depends on how you are going to live like bro what.
AG: So then what do you wanna be when you grow up?
KO: I don’t know probably like, I used to want to be a neurosurgeon cuz like those are cool like seeing them like do surgery on a brain looks interesting but then I just thought about being a Starbucks worker or something.
AG: Starbucks, you like Starbucks?
KO: Yeah bro Starbucks is good like it is I be making my own Starbucks sometimes I want some like [explicit].
AG: Does it taste the same?
KO: No.
AG: Has there ever been a time where you felt like you weren’t doing or trying enough.
KO: When.. I’ma just say some like maybe I guess when I was skating like trying to do tricks and like I gave up like I’ve already tried like one hundred [explicit] times it’s like whatever.
AG: Um…who inspired you to skate.
KO: To what?
AG: To skate.
KO: My older sister she’s the first person like well she like made me my own glow in the dark penny board when I was like 8 years old I guess so that’s cool and then she told me to try it and stuff so I did and I found it cool but like since you really can’t do tricks on a penny board I guess I just like my dad bought me my first one so like I just used that one so yeah.
AG: Did your sister inspire you to do any other things?
KO: No.
AG: Do you have any other hobbies?
KO: Hobbies?
AG: Yeah.
KO: I draw, what else…oh I play the drums too uh i’m in a football team and volleyball team so that’s cool I guess.
AG: Did you get hit in the face?
KO: No I hit someone in the face.
AG: Oh.
KO: Once it was on purpose.
AG: Cuz you were mad?
KO: Yeah, nah not even I just wanted too. She’s mean.
AG: She’s mean?
KO: I mean she’s nice, I just didn’t like her back then.
AG: Why, if like that’s not personal.
KO: Cuz like she would try to fit in with the other people at the school but like she was a nice person in 5th grade but then she just went into middle school and started to try to act like those girls like the ones that like try to change themselves for every boy there and like just for everybody to like them and i’m like “why are you trying to be somebody you are not” i’m like hmm I don’t like you cuz bro’s being copycat for what.
AG: Copycat?
KO: Yeah she is bro like she was cool but then she just changed cuz of her friends and i’m like- but whatever i’m friends with her again so she’s nice I guess she’s funny.
AG: Did you change? Like from when you were a kid till now, now that you are like almost like 14 did you change during those times during your childhood?
KO: Yeah I guess cuz yeah.
AG: For the better or did you change in a bad way?
KO: I- I don’t know I- I mean my sister and my mom tell me its in a bad way and then I guess I kinda sometimes see myself in a bad way cuz i’m not interested in stuff anymore I guess it’s what you could say like I don’t care what happens what I like I guess i’m not energetic anymore like just sometimes like sometimes I just do whatever and then like nothing like I used to laugh at everything but then now it’s just  like i’m realizing nothings really that funny they are just random jokes and somehow people laugh like you could just listen to someone say the joke and then you’re just like I guess that’s funny but like why would I laugh it’s not the funniest joke in the world that would make me laugh for a whole hour i’m just like that’s cool I guess.
AG: Okay that was it, Thank you for your time. It was nice interviewing you and I hope you do good in college- [laughs] I mean high school.
KO: [laughs] Okay sure thanks.