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Who invented glasses and when was it made?

Drawing of Salvino DArmati.
Drawing of Salvino D’Armati.

Spectacles, also known as eyeglasses, have been in existence for a long time. For hundreds of years, glasses have been around and have helped many people with bad vision to see more clearly.

Eyeglasses have changed a lot over time, becoming cool and useful now. Lots of people wear them to fix their eyesight and they’re really popular. According to Ssir, it states, “A simple pair of eyeglasses could dramatically improve the lives of the poor, by increasing earning power and occupational and public safety, improving educational opportunities, and fostering the ability to perform everyday tasks.”


Who created the glasses?

Salvino D’Armate is an Italian inventor that is given credit for creating the first glasses before anyone else. However, it is said that the invention of glasses actually happened before he created the first wearable glasses. According to History Cooperative, this is what they say, “Historical anecdotes attribute to D’Armate the invention of wearable eyeglasses in the late 13th century; however, these accounts are often countered by evidence suggesting that eyeglasses, in some primordial form, were already in existence.”


When were glasses invented?

The invention of glasses dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries in Italy, with the identity of the inventor remaining unknown. According to IndianaPublicMedia, what they say, “At some point in Italy, between 1268 and 1289, someone came up with the idea, but the actual inventor remains anonymous.” This marked a significant point in history for glasses.



In conclusion, glasses have been helping people see better for a really long time. Salvino D’Armate is said to have made the first glasses in the 13th century, but they might have been around even before that. Whether it was D’Armate or someone else who invented them, glasses are a big deal. They help people work better, stay safe, and learn more, as Ssir says. So, next time you put on your glasses, think about how awesome they are and how much they help people.

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