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Eighth grade Shark Tank

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for the 8th graders to be on AJMS Shark Tank. During English class the last unit is based on inventions, and for the final project students needed to come up with an invention or use an already made invention that will be useful. Students spent time figuring out the product, models, and prices.

In preparation students had two weeks to come up with their idea and the meaning behind it and how it’s going to solve a problem or make an impact. They also had to draw or build a model to show their invention clearly.  After students were finshed with that part of the project they needed to figure out prices and how much the product is worth as well as how much money they wanted from the Sharks. Once everything was done and ready, it was time for presentations.

I was able to interview students on how they felt about their experience and their process of planning their invention.

Manuel Marquez said, “My invention was a schoelace belt, it was an easier and cheaper way for a belt. The process for the presention was kind of hard. I had to come up with the idea then the prices. My product is cheaper then a belt but a bit more then an shoelace. I charge $18 for a pack. I wasn’t scared to present, I just acted normal and got a deal of $200,000 for 25% from Mr. Guardado.”

Another student, Ashley Santiago said, ” My invention was a gel comb. I got the Idea from Manuel because of his hair.  Coming up with the prices and the model, like the whole procces was kind of diffcult but me and my partner worked together. My presention wasn’t bad. I just kept laughing but overall it was good.”


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