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Nathaniel Broguiere: A movie director

Nathaniel Broguiere, an English teacher and director for films.

Jose Contreras

Nathaniel Broguiere, an English teacher and director for films.

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An English teacher at Animo Jefferson Middle School, Nathaniel Broguiere, is also a director for films he has produced and his passion is making films and teaching.

He has made two films, “Of Love of Zombies” and “Old Man Death”. Broguiere said that many things inspire him to make short films such as movies that he watches and experiences that he had.

One of Broguiere’s movies is Of love of Zombies which is a short film that shows zombies living a regular life just like a human. In this film zombies go to college and study and two particular zombies fall in love.

Broguiere said,” I love kids and literature.” When he makes movies, he shows others his work and makes him feel fulfilled. Broguiere said that English teacher, David Nahmod helps with his movies and his role is writing the script for the film.

Currently he is working on a film, or is in pre-production, which means to prepare everything to be ready to film for the summer.

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Nathaniel Broguiere: A movie director