My mission as a journalist for the Bulldog Bugle is to report and write stories that will impact and help our community.  I am planning to do that by always checking into my responsibilities.  I will focus on stories that have impact and human interest.

Itzel Gomez, staff writer

Jun 04, 2015
Water Balloon fight (Story)
May 29, 2015
Soccer team wins rematch (Story)
May 22, 2015
California water drought (Story)
May 19, 2015
What cookies should I buy? (Story)
Mar 26, 2015
Nathaniel Broguiere: A movie director (Story)
Feb 20, 2015
How do 8th graders feel about all the pressure and work teachers put on them to be prepared (Story)
Dec 08, 2014
How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? (Story)
Itzel Gomez