Soccer team wins rematch

Itzel Gomez and Henry Garcia


On Wednesday, May 20th Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School took place in a 2nd tournament at Henry Clay complex and winning Two times  in a row without loosing.  But this second tournament happened because the other teams from the other school wanted to get a rematch to see if they win but Animo jeffreson won for the third time in a row without loosing.

Elizabeth Borum a soccer coach at Animo Jefferson said that she believes that the team grows stronger and stronger every time and that the players put their best effort into it always and they grow with each other more and more as a team.

Ms Borum said that she could not choose one person who had the most spirit because everyone brought something different to the game, but she could not be more proud of them because of all the hard work they did.

Ms Borum also said that “Practice makes perfect. Even the best team in the world has things they need to work on. You can never have”. Ms Borum said that she could not be more proud of them because they worked hard and won the game for the 3rd time in a row.

Ms Borum said “They play with more heart than any other team in my opinion.” Also that “They are very amazing and inspirational.” She believes that they had the most heart out there in the field and they represented the school and the team always find a way to be prepare and work together.

Francisco Alvarado Soccer, coach at Animo Jefferson, said that he feels proud about winning the championship and that their hard work paid off.

Alvarado also said that he felt very exciting after the team scored a goal.He thought that this tournament was more challenging than the last one.

Alvarado also said, “ I would scream and go crazy with our team and the rest and the rest of the teachers after each goal.”

Alvarado said, “My words cannot express how proud I am of each kid in our team.”

He also said that there were a lot of friendship and memories made that will last a lifespan.

In conclusion, teachers and students had a very good time on getting their rematch they wanted and had fun out their playing as a team.