Water Balloon fight

Henry Garcia and Itzel gomez

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The end of the year is coming up for 6th and 7th graders and many kids are very excited about the upcoming water balloon fight that Animo Jefferson holds every year.

Elizabeth Borum and English teacher at Animo Jefferson said that she feels excited about the water balloon fight.

Borum said that she wants to hit Henry Garcia and if she would to get the bucket that would be even better.She said that she has participated in other water balloon fights only that she doesn’t remember.

Borum also said that she might not participate in the fight because she is sick and she doesn’t want to get more sick.

Thomas Lo math teacher at Animo Jefferson said that “ I am not sure if i am going to participate yet in the water balloon fight.”

Lo a Math teacher at Animo Jefferson said that “it should be a fun time because i we get to hit kids with water balloons” and said that “he wants to hit 7th grader Henry Garcia.”

Gabriela Dampier a history teacher at Animo Jefferson said “ I think it will be a fun thing to watch from a far distance.”

Dampier also said that she will want to hit Ms.Bowyer because she laughs at her”.

Dampier said  “it depends because i am really scared of getting hit with water balloons and because her hair gets puffy like a poodle


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Water Balloon fight