Importance of Music

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Importance of Music

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Music plays a big role in many people’s lives, but music seems to affect teenagers in severe ways.

Many teens listen to different genres [categories]. People listen to Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, singer/ songwriter, etc.  I guess you can say music is like a language. Music with or without words, gets people away from all the struggles in their life. Music plays a big role in people’s lives because it expresses their deepest thoughts and emotions.

For teens, it relieves tons of stress. Surprisingly, music can also help teens and even young adults focus while doing homework.

Janneth Alonso, an eighth grade student, said, “I instantly feel happy when I listen to my babes [favorite artists].”  This proves that music does improve mood. Janneth states that she listens to music that she likes, not something just fit in the “crew”.  She also said, “I think that music is amazing. I think that it’s a way of relaxing and finding who you are.”

Joanna Padilla, an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, says that when she goes home she listens to music all day, every day. “I guess it just depends on what type of music I listen to, such as if I’m listening to rock then I feel like dancing or being all over my room and if its pop I feel like singing along and as for rap I just listen to the lyrics closely to understand it.” She’s a fan of pop because their songs are catchy.

Eighth grader, Juan Acosta said that he listens to music for at least forty minutes to an hour and when he listens to music he doesn’t feel different he just feels the same. His favorite genre is rap and pop because that’s what caught his attention. Listening to music makes him feel better [improves mood].

At the end of the day, just remember how much music has affected your life.





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Importance of Music