What are teachers doing over the summer?


Summer learning at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute in San Francisco. Teacher Ilse Gonzalez will attend this summer.

Alfonso Molina

Teachers are traveling during the summer. Some of the places they are going are San Francisco and San Diego.


Teachers are mostly traveling to either visit family, want to visit a place for vacation, or to learn more about a topic.


Eighth grade science teacher Ilse Gonzalez is going to travel to San Francisco to become a better science teacher. “I am gonna join a science program through the summer where it helps teachers and that it is in a museum located in San Francisco and it’s called the Exploratorium.’’


She also is going to live there for three weeks.  



English teacher MacKenzie Anderson is going to travel to San Diego to see her sister get married. She also said that last summer she went to back to Kansas and went skydiving. She said, “when I was skydiving I was scared and not scared because when I was up high and everything was so small and was worried that my parachute would not open up.”


Thomas Lo, a math teacher, said that he really isn’t planning to go anywhere but if he could he said it would be a dream of his to travel to Japan because he was always into Japanese culture and it started off with anime when he was a little kid.


He said, “I would go there because I would wanna try all the food that Japan has to offer such as sushi and ramen.”


Last summer he traveled to Europe, visiting Rome, Barcelona, and Paris.


It turns out teachers travel to interesting places during the summer.