Why is Liverpool winning such a big deal?


Champions League trophy

Angel Silva

Liverpool advanced to the Champions League final by beating Barcelona 4-3 in aggregate goals. But it wasn’t easy. They lost the first leg 3-0 in Barcelona which made it almost impossible for them to pass to finals.  To advance, they would have to score 4 goals against Barca without giving up any goals.


They went back home to Anfield, their home stadium, for the second leg and beat Barcelona 4-0.  This gave them the pass to the final against Tottenham.


Edward St. George also said, “I was confident Liverpool was going to come back but also I just had the scared feeling because it was going to be hard a Barcelona is one of the best but I thought they were capable of of coming back.”


People couldn’t believe that Liverpool beat Barcelona, one of the best, especially because Barcelona had a good lead of 3-0 and such a good defense which would  make it difficult.


Seventh grader, Arturo Ibarra said, “I really wanted Barcelona to win but I guess I was wrong about Barcelona being the best since they lost when they had a 3-0 lead.”


Liverpool wasn’t the favorite team to win since they lost last year in the final to Real Madrid 3-1.


Eighth grader Adrian Garcia said, “I wanted them to win since Real Madrid had gotten kicked out.”


He also went to add on about how he thought It should have been Ajax vs Liverpool in the final instead of Tottenham.


Adrian said, “I think [Liverpool] worked really hard for the outcomes they got and with the support from their most effective player Virgil Van Dijk who is an amazing defender so I really think they deserved it.”


Advisor’s note:  Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the Champions League final 2-0.