“I danced a lot and I did a dance with my mom, dad, and my stepdad, which came out really good.”


Joaquin Mayor

Me and my sister the day of her 15. She was so happy for it to all be happening because we have been waiting since the week before. We took pictures before she got too busy.

Interview Audio

This interview is about a girl named Keisy. She is talking about her 15 as the answer because the interviewer had asked her what is something that has impacted you in your life.


She explains that she had a fun and magical night. She also included that she was happy because her whole family came. That made her happy because her family was never really together because of problems. For her it was kind of like a family reunion and her 15 so for her it was the best day of her life. 


 She says that what had really made her emotional is the dance with her mom, dad, and step dad. She claimed that she began to cry with her dad a little bit but with her mom she cried tremendously which kind of led to her crying when dancing with her step dad.


Then she goes along to say that it was blue/ butterfly themed. She mentioned that she had a beautiful cake and the night was over all perfect.




Yaretsy Noj: Tell me a little bit about yourself.


Keisy Noj: My name is Keisy, I’m 15 years old, i’m from Los Angeles, California, and yeah.


YN: What is something that has impacted your life or like affected you in some type of way?


KN: My quinceanera, my 15th birthday.


YN: How has that impacted you?


KN: It has impacted me by having my family there and basically me being really really happy.


YN: Why is it important for you to have your family there and why did it make you really really happy?


KN: It is important for me to have my family there because our family was really separated and had problems and it was happy for me because everybody was there that cared for me and appreciated me. 


YN: Who were you the most ha-, I mean, who were you the most happy to see?


KN: Um my family because they were never together until like my party. 


YN: How did you guys make them come together as a whole, I guess you could say?


KN: Um by telling them, um, our sorry’s and them forgiving us and um basically like saying we shouldn’t have anymore problems, we should be happy because um yea.


YN: And how was life after that, like how did that affect you? 


KN: Basically the same just that now I could go to my family when I have a problem or something.


YN: And you didn’t feel like you could go to the before? 


KN: No because i feel like it would start a conflict with people that didn’t like them a certain way.


YN: And why, going back to your quinceanera, why did it make you happy? 


KN: Because I, everybody was there like my moms friends, my family’s friends, my friends.


Ruth Turcio: You have a beautiful dress.


KN: Yea i had a beautiful dress and a beautiful beautiful sister and we were matching the same and um-


RT: You were dancing too much.


KN: I danced a lot and I did a dance with my mom, dad, and my stepdad, which came out really good.


YN: Why did you-, what color was the dress?


KN: The color of my dress was blue but it was reflecting blue so it had a different types of blue in my dress.


YN: Why did you decide to choose that color?


KN: Because blue is my favorite color and I always dreamed when I was little, when i was like really really little that my quinceanera would be blue.


YN: Did how you dreamed your quinceanera to be, come out as you planned it?


KN: Yea in the emotional, like the happiness but the way it was planned and how it was looked, not really but I appreciated it. I appreciate the effort of making it pretty for everybody to be like, oh my god this is so cute, yeah. So basically yeah just that i would have it more professionally.


YN: Did you enjoy your 15 or were you like tired, not into it? 


KN: I enjoyed it but by the night were people leaving, I was really tired and I just fell asleep right after.


YN: What do you think made you get tired out, your happiness overcame you-, overwhelmed you?


KN: No, of me dancing a lot.


YN: Why did you get so emotional with the -, I mean did you get emotional with the dad-, the dance of the mom, dad, stepdad?


KN: I got emotional with my mom and a little bit with my step dad and a little bit with my dad.


YN: What made you get emotional?


KN: Um because my mom always believes in me and was always there for me and always will be there for me because she’s my mom.


YN: And for your dad and stepdad?


KN: Um I don’t know, I got emotional with them because I really don’t have a connection with them, just sometimes I do but not all the time.


YN: Have the people you invited to your 15 enjoy it?


KN: Yea, yes they do because it was really pretty and it was really fun.


YN: How was your quinceanera set up?


KN: It was a big tent, there was a group of people that could sing really good, there was a dj, there was a bunch of tables, there was balloons just like these two balloons and like a balloon tower going on my table, and a bunch of flowers.


YN: Did everybody you invited have some sort of impact on you?


KN: Yea they were always there for me when ever I was sad or like going through stuff.


YN: Was there any food or cake?


KN: Yea I had tacos, um, some people came to my house and they did the taco stand and yea I had a cake but it got destroyed on the way here.


YN: Why did-, how did it get destroyed on its way here?


KN: It got destroyed because they put it in the back of the car without a persons site-, a person’s side.


YN: Was it the people who make the cake or somebody else?


KN: It was my aunt she picked it up because my other aunt bought my cake and she was-, she lives right next to the bakery that my aunt got the cake from.


YN: What kind of cake?


KN: I honestly don’t know because I didn’t get to have a piece of it.


YN: Did it have a design or something?


KN: No it was just all white but then my aunt put these edible butterflies on my cake and she put this doll and then she put a number 15 on my cake.


YN: Even though it was destroyed, do you think you still liked how it looked?


KN: Yeah a little bit but I would appreciate it to be more professionally because people were kind of laughing because of my cake.


YN: Um, were you embarrassed when you saw how the cake looked and when people were saying stuff?


KN: Well yea kind of because I planned my cake looking really beautiful but at the end of the day I pretty di-, people were telling me that my cake was pretty cute so I guess it didn’t really affect me that bad because-, it didn’t really matter because people were going to eat it either ways.


YN: Did people tell you it tasted good like the flavor of it?


KN: Yeah they said it was really good because it wasn’t really sugary.


YN: You said that your bas-, your cake was based off of butterflies, was your whole design of your 15 butterflies?


KN: Yea but we didn’t have a bunch of butterfly decoration just my shoes were butterfly themed my nails were butterfly themed and my cake.


YN: How has it over-all impacted you tho, like in your life?


KN: It has over-all impacted me in my life by being a better person and having more like happiness in my heart and overcoming the fears that I have of being to open.


YN: Okay thank you for this interview.


KN: Your welcome, Yaretsy.