“It was fun to know her experience so I remember this when I go to college.”

I am taking a picture with my sister who I interviewed.

Roberto Campos

I am taking a picture with my sister who I interviewed.

On 9/13/20 I interviewed my sister regarding her college experience and her path towards success.We talked about how college was, what degree did you get when finished and other things about college.


 It was fun to know her experience so I remember this when I go to college. She said it is way different from high school and middle school. It was the middle day we interviewed on a Sunday afternoon. It was around 1 or 2 pm. She said a bunch of inspirational things to remember.


She said to have bonds with professors, take notes and remember those four years because they are the best. It is good to remember these moments.. We did this to see her experience and I will do the same when I go to college to be successful. I am proud she was the first to go to college. I will lead it in my family. It is good.

Roberto Campos: My name is Roberto Campos, I am 13 years old and we are recording this in Los Angeles, California. The first question I have is How was your four years of college?
Marina Campos: I feel like it went pretty quickly umm during my first year was new to me considering the entire schedule was different. It gave an opportunity to create my own schedule, hang out at the cafeteria or library or with friends. It was something new. However, I got used to it by my senior year.I accustomed to it. I had bonds with professors and everything was totally different from high school. The work, tests, everything.  It was pretty successful.But it was a good experience.
R.C: Wow I didn’t know that college was that hard. The second question is What is your favorite class in college?
M.C: The one class that stuck with me is my Juvenile Justice course. It was a  step for me because I wanted to be a probation officer. Hearing their stories many juveniles get life for crimes they did but they didn’t commit these crimes out of malice. They did it out of fear or to protect them or themselves. It was from abuse, trauma that is how it started. Also how different men from women. They did crimes that were not that dangerous than men. And it showed why women commit crimes getting formula for baby or something else. It showed all of that.
R.C: That shows you care for the legal system. And you want to help people. That is really good to help.
M.C: Yes I do.
R.C: The 3rd question is What degree did you get when you finished college?
M.C: I got my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  Umm Bachelor in science. It took me 4 years. It was a great accomplishment. I thought I was going to finish in five years but it was great.
R.C: Umm The forth question is:  Did you make any friends in school or outside?
M.C: I made a few friends. Not too many. I was occupied with my studies. But definitely make friends and meet new people. Have bonds with professors because they are the ones that write those recommendations letters. So yeah.
R.C: That is good, you put studies first.
M.C: Yeah but make those friends to have long time friendships.
R.C: Another question I have is Who inspired you to go to college?
M.C: I would say my parents because they would push us to get an education and have a good life. And I feel they pushed me to it. But not necessarily they did because I made the choice to go to college. I was the first person to go to college. It is a big accomplishment to be the first in my family. I know my parents could’ve done it but it was different back then from now. I know as my sibling you can do it and my others could too. It is interesting and people like to know. So yeah it is cool.
R.C: Yeah I am the same I feel like they push us to do good that is why I have good grades right now.
M.C:  Yeah it is good.
R.C: If you could say something to future generations, What would you say to them?
M.C: If I could say something I would definitely say to do in school, take notes and take those offers that school could give you like scholarships, clubs and all of that good stuff . Always listen in class and do your work and all of that stuff. This will help you in the future for a career in anything.
R.C:If you could have one dream job, what would it be?
M.C:Oh my I have a lot of dream jobs, I have a few like criminal justice like forensic science, probation officer and a few more.  But right now I am good where I am at. I have enough to help my family and have been good for the past months. So yeah right now this a good time right now. I feel good.