“This is where we shine.”

On piano and violin, “Your Lie in April” is a beautiful anime duet

Your Lie In April is about a boy named Kosei Arima, who as a kid he played the piano. His mother taught him and her overall goal was for him to become extremely successful. She took it a bit too far while they practiced, and she would always beat him if he messed up a note. At the end of everyone’s performance, he would always run to his mother to show her the first place prize, smiling because he thought that she would be happy. In reality she would just nod and simply call out the mistakes he made when he was performing.

As you keep watching the show, she becomes really sick and Kousei thinks that if he played the piano more, and wins more trophies for her then she will eventually get better. That was all he wanted, so he practiced more to become better then he already was. With that, he didn’t have time to play any games with his childhood friends Ryota Watari, and Tsubaki Sawabe. Kousei’s mom just became sicker with time, eventually she dies, and Kousei blames himself because he thinks he didn’t try hard enough.

He grows up without his mother, and his father is always busy on trips for work. Everyday after school, he goes out with Ryota Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe and they convince him to go to the park. There he meets Katori Miyazono, who plays the violin. As the show goes on, they become great friends, and Katori serves as his overall motivation. She convinces him to do a duet with her on stage for a performance, but what she doesn’t know is that he has trouble listening to the keys he plays and it causes him to stress out, therefore making him have trouble knowing what he’s playing.

Kousei gets flashbacks of his mother hurting him and saying that one mistake can throw off his whole performance, but Katori helps him with that and helps him get back on track. She always looks out for him to make sure he’s calm during their performance.

During their performance Katori faints on stage at the end of it, caused by an illness that prevents her from doing things to the point where she could barely walk. Katori ends up being hospitalized but continues to motivate Kousei with performances she arranged for him. At the end something tragic happens and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who was left in absolute tears.

I would recommend Your Lie In April to someone who likes good animation, and has a good understanding of things. I think it’s crucial for someone to understand this anime because it has a deep meaning to it.

In my opinion this anime is really great. I like how Katori always motivated him to do his best and to never give up even if he did have a hard time listening to the keys. I also liked how when they performed together they acted as if it was their own little competition between one another to see who did better (Kousei on the piano, and Katori on the violin). I really liked the animation, and how the characters were drawn. Personally, I think the characters’ personalities suited them.

As I said, this anime left me in absolute tears. Honestly, I’m glad I watched this because it was really inspiring, especially with some quotes characters say, including other details. The quotes were very deep and descriptive, so I believe that anyone would love this anime if they get the meaning behind it. So overall I really enjoyed watching this and I’d give it a 10/10.