How are college students learning during quarantine?

During quarantine many students had to stay inside and do online school. College is really important for the students because it’s how they are going to get great jobs in the future. But how are college students learning while we’re in a pandemic?

In the article “5 Tips For Remote Learning During Quarantine” it states “… you should consider your learning environment. It will be best to create a regular and quiet study space (which may be different places from class to class or morning to afternoon).” This article gives tips that students use while learning during quarantine. The evidence suggests having a quiet workspace is important because it could help you focus. Some students like to change study spots from time to time, some examples are at a desk or table at home, as well as a cafe or a library if they are open and you are able to safely work outside or keep your space from others. 

Some college students aren’t used to online learning so it could be hard to adjust to. In the article “Online learning in the time of COVID-19: What are the pros and cons?” it states “Since the majority of online learning is dependent upon a student’s ability to complete self-directed work, students who thrive on routine and direction could find online learning lacking. Online learning was a huge change that was easy for some but difficult for others. Upsetting normal routines by adding online learning to your day could make you tired, unprepared, or uncomfortable. 

For one student, online learning is good because she does get to see teachers and friends but still prefers to go back to regular learning to see them in person. In the article “How College Students Are Dealing With Covid-19” a student states “I’m happy to re-enter school despite it being online, as I get to interact with my professors and some peers. I think it’s really important to come together and share common experiences, feelings, and desires.” Students feel that online learning is a good way to connect with their loved ones but almost all college students agree that coming together in person is better.

In conclusion, college students are learning online but have different feelings about it and ways to do it. Some learn in different quiet spaces, some like online learning, and some don’t like it. Schools are starting to reopen again and learning will go back to normal. At least we all had a new experience and learned something about ourselves.