Everyone should wear a mask

During the pandemic people were required to wear masks when they went out in public. Some people refused to wear masks and they would say things like “I don’t have Covid” or “other people are wearing masks, they should be safe.” We’ve run into people like this and my family members who went out with masks around these people still got sick. So I made this little story with my nendoroids to show what the experience was like.

Today my friends Gabe and Jack took me to the store to get some ice cream and other things. While we were heading out an employee of the store was asking a woman to put on her mask,  which she refused and claimed that she couldn’t breathe well in it.

After that scandal we headed home, but my friend Gabe suddenly felt ill. He had a runny nose, a bad cough, and sore throat.

Jack and I were worried that he might have got Covid, and Gabe was exhausted. We knew the best thing to do was to give him space and let him recover.

Jack and I were alone for a couple of days while Gabriel quarantined himself in his room. I wore my mask just to be safe. It was pretty boring without him but we found  things to keep ourselves a little entertained.

I went outside and started thinking about the cause of Gabe getting covid. He wore a mask while we were out so how did he become ill? I thought about that woman refusing to wear a mask, Then it clicked. Even if everyone was wearing a mask they are still at risk of getting sick. While the woman talks her germs are spreading from her mouth and landing on people nearby. So while Gabriel was around him, her germs spread to him and made him sick.

Gabe finally recovered and we were so happy to see him again but he wouldn’t let us hug him so we chased him. We each got tested after and we were all Covid free thankfully.

From then on we made sure everyone wore a mask and even offered spare ones. We are still not 100% safe but it helps limit the spread a lot. My friends and I will get our vaccines soon but even then we will still wear our masks. Remember to wear a mask. It’s not just your safety you should worry about, but it’s also the safety of others. Be mindful about the people around you.