Events during MY quarantine

A lot has happened since quarantine began. It has been rough most of the time. There were ups and downs. There were a lot of events during my quarantine that made me feel sad. Here are some examples:

Our bunny when he was young (RIP 2016-2021) (Steven Flores)
The cat we rescued
This was a picture a week after she was saved from dogs. (Steven Flores)
My mother posing in front of the ocean
We went to the ocean just to walk at the edge of the cliff on the trail. (Steven Flores)
Momma Duck (unnamed)
We learned that her and her babies died to a mysterious animal. (Steven Flores)
We went to the zoo to look at animals. (Steven Flores)
Patrick Star drawing
I taught myself how to draw. (Steven Flores)
Great Grandmothers Birthday
My great grandmother’s 83rd birthday (Steven Flores)