My life during quarantine

When schools first shut down due to corona I was happy that I wouldn’t have to go to school and I thought corona would only last  for a month. But little did I realize we had  spend almost two  years stuck in quarantine. I miss my friends and my family and I even miss going to school. Online learning is hard especially since I  get distracted easily or my internet goes down.


I found out my uncle is having a baby and I am having a girl cousin. She is expected to come on August and I can’t wait to see her.
Online classes have been very difficult, especially when my internet goes out and it’s also been hard when my family needs help and I’m in class and can’t help them. Sometimes its been stress full.
Something that is also very hard for me is staying in touch with my friends.
(credit to Brianna Villasana)
In the beginning of Covid -19 it was hard to get some of these supplies. Now it really isn’t but I feel like the hard part is when my family goes to the market while iI’m in school. They call me out to help to disinfect the groceries to make sure it doesn’t have any germs.


Also I found out that I much spend way to much time on my phone and it has also been affecting my sleep schedule and sometimes I don’t get sleep at all.
(credit to Mr. Finer for teaching me how to see how much time I have spent on my phone)
I also been having to do a lot of cleaning and let me tell you its not fun.
(credit to my cousin for letting me take a picture of her and also to her mom for not suing me for taking pictures of her daughter) (Amy Chavez)

I’ve also been on my phone a lot watching TikTok or Netflix but I’ve mostly been bin-watching a lot of old show. (Amy Chavez)
Also I’ve been sometimes forgetting my mask and thankfully my mom always has an extra mask in her car. and I am great full for that. (Amy and Angie Chavez)
I’ve also been able to control my attitude and have been playing games with my cousin and have been enjoying it.
I got a bit into photography and its been fun. (Amy Chavez)
I also started to play on my Switch a lot and I’ve gotten new game (credits to my other cousin ) Angie Chavez
Some positive news is that I got a new dog (that’s him right now. I’ll put another of him when we first got him) Amy Chavez, Angie Chavez and Coco
Coco, but as a baby.